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SOS Exterminating Inc., offers high quality pest control services that suit your budget and your schedule. All services are scheduled at a specific time convenient for you. Our courteous and knowledgeable technicians will take the time to listen to your concerns. Our technicians are trained in all the updated methods of pest management. They use the latest tools and equipment to provide the best services possible.

Did you know that you can introduce roaches into your home unintentionally by bringing packaged goods from the store? Roaches have changed little during the years they have been around. Roaches are capable of carrying many disease pathogens. Of the approximately 4,000 living species of roaches, about 70 occur in the United States. These roaches can reproduce at alarming rates. In one years time, one adult female can reproduce anywhere from 120 to 320 babies. Even with proper housekeeping methods, roach infestations can occur. Ask us about roach control in your home.

Did you know that termites, ants, most bees and some wasps are true social insects? They live in cooperative, interdependent colonies of a single species, usually with a division of labor among social castes. These insects regularly care for eggs, larvae, and pupae in the colony; a characteristic rare in the rest of the insect world. These insects build nests of various degrees of complexity and usually descend from one female, the Queen.

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SOS Exterminating also offers T.A.P. attic insulation, which kills 11 of the most common pests on contact.