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How to Keep Rodents Out of Your Gilbert, AZ Home

Rodents are common pests in Gilbert, Arizona. Species that you may encounter in your home or business in the East Valley include mice, pack rats, Norway rats and ground squirrels. These types of pests can cause big problems when they nest in residential homes and businesses. Not only do they have the capability to spread disease, but they also create unsanitary conditions and physically destroy their surroundings. Let’s explore your most frequently asked questions about rodents.

Why do I have rodents in my house?

Rodents are scavengers. They enter homes in search of food, and if they find a reliable food source, they are likely to stay in the house for as long as possible. Within human made structures, mice feed on fallen crumbs and easily penetrated food containers such as cardboard cereal boxes. Once mice find a food source, they look for spaces in your home that have the least amount of foot traffic like an unfinished basement, attic, loft, garage, or shed to create their nest. Even the smallest entry points as small as a dime, can enable rodents to get indoors. They follow air flow and squeeze through tiny openings and broken or torn vents and screening. If you have any of these vulnerabilities around the exterior of your home, you are at risk for rodent infestations.

Rats and squirrels are also destructive rodents that you may encounter as a resident or business owner in Gilbert, AZ. Mice and rats are a nuisance, and they can also threaten the health of your family. They can also carry diseases, chew larger holes in the interior or exterior of your home, and even bite through electrical wiring, creating fire hazards.

Are rodents dangerous?

Rodents can be difficult to control. They can contort their bodies and squeeze through seemingly impossibly small gaps in the exterior of your home, doorways, or holes in a screen or window frame. Also, they can use their gnawing skills to widen tiny holes so that they can gain entry to your home.

Once inside, rats and mice can multiply quickly without being detected. In one year, a single female rodent can have as many as 40 offspring. Because of this rapid multiplication, an infestation can get worse before you even know that there is a problem.

Squirrels cause more drastic damage as they create larger holes in areas that lead into your attic like gutter lines and breaks around fascia and eaves. Much like rats and mice, squirrels are noisy and create unsanitary and smelly environments with their droppings and urine that inevitably happen.

How can I prevent rodents from getting into my home?

One of the simplest ways to prevent rat and mouse infestations is to remove their food sources. You can empty interior garbage cans, especially those in the kitchen, every night. Also, clean crumbs and food residue daily, and keep food in airtight plastic, metal, or glass containers. Be sure to lift uneaten pet food and water each day to avoid rodents.

You can also remove possible nesting sites around your home. Rodents like piles of wood or rocks, though some mice even create nests in leaves, overgrown shrubbery, or landscaping materials like wood chips or mulch. They may also find a haven in dirty crawl spaces. You can keep all these areas clean and free of possible nesting sites. Take a walk around the exterior of your home. Look for torn screens, broken vents, gaps around windows and doors, cracks and crevices in the foundation of your home, and other small holes. By sealing these spots, you block a potential rodent entry point.

How can SOS Exterminating get rid of the rodents in my home?

If you regularly have rodents entering your home, the best option could be to hire a pest control professional who has experience finding the spaces where rodents are gaining access to your home. When you work with a professional, like SOS Exterminating, you have peace of mind because we will help you deal with your current rodent problem by trapping the pests and finding nesting places inside and outside of your home. We also look for areas where you might not expect rodents, such as attics and crawl spaces.

Our rodent control specialists will also find problem areas so that you can eliminate entry points and deal with the things that attract rodents to your home in the first place.

Our experts will eliminate the infestation and protect your home against future rat, mouse, and squirrel infestations.You should always seek to work with pest control professionals who can provide this level of service and who has the proper licenses and qualifications for dealing with pests. Give SOS Exterminating a call or fill out the form on this page for a free rodent inspection at your home or business.

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