You might be wondering, How long does a pre-construction termite service last? Do I need a pre-construction termite service? For construction and concrete companies, pre-construction termite treatments aren’t typically a commodity; they’re a requirement. When putting a project together, selecting the right pre-construction termite service is necessary to ensure the success of your new build. With the proper knowledge in your pocket, choosing the best pre-construction termite service company will be a breeze.

What is a Pre-Construction Termite Service?

When a new structure such as residential home is constructed, multiple factors are considered to ensure that the integrity of the home lasts for years to come. One potential problem is the existence of subterranean termites within the soil. The possibility for these wood-destroying insects is something that can be prevented by treating the ground before the slab is laid. For construction and concrete companies, this means ensuring the structure is made to last.

Damage caused by subterranean termites are the main concern when it comes the purpose of a pre-construction termite treatment. Subterranean termites in particular are the most destructive type of termite in the Valley. The impact of an infestation can be severe, often leading to structural damage over time.

A pre-construction termite treatment is the creation of a chemical barrier between the soil and the concrete floor of a structure. Done properly, the barrier can help prevent subterranean termites from infesting the wood in the structure. Termite treatments made before or during construction must be performed by a licensed pest control operator. SOS Exterminating can meet these needs with our licensed and highly experienced pest control operators.

Why do I need to have a Pre-Construction Termite Service?

When beginning construction on a new structure, you, as the construction or concrete contractor, are usually required to work with a pest control company to treat soil before beginning the project. If the concrete slab below a structure begins to crack or shrink, termites can enter and destroy wood that meets the slab. By treating the soil before the slab is laid, a barrier is created that eliminates potential termite infestations. As the population grows in Arizona, more and more homes are being built on reclaimed desert land instead of reclaimed agricultural land. The amounts of subterranean termite colonies in these areas are much higher and opportunities to attract infestations are greater.

There are several regulations that you must comply with, per the scope and specifications of the project. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Veterans Administration (VA), Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and the laws in many communities of Arizona require that any building built in a single family residence or duplex or which could be sold with FHA, VA, or HUD warranted financing to have a soil pretreatment. If you are unsure about which regulations apply to you, visit the Arizona Department of Agriculture’s website by clicking here.

Homeowners can also benefit from a pre-construction termite service. If you are building a standalone structure on your property such as a workshop, guest house, or an addition onto your home, preventing termites is not something to overlook. Extended warranties and full home coverage plans are available with continued liquid applications, even after the pre-construction warranty ends.

How does SOS Exterminating perform Pre-Construction Termite Services?

Worker on a pre-construction site | SOS Exterminating serving Gilbert, Arizona

In order to comply with regulations, a chemical barrier is established by a licensed pest control operator. The chemical is applied in a manner consistent with the termiticide label, rules and regulations of the Arizona Structural Pest Control Commission, and the United States Department of Agriculture Bulletin 64. Although there are many options for pre-construction termite services, there are several things to consider when selecting the best company to work with.

To meet the needs of our clients, we provide two different pre-construction termite services. Please call us for a free consultation and to determine what option best fits your needs.


Premise is a great option for basic new builds, providing 3 years of coverage.

SC Termidor

This is our most popular plan. With the SC Termidor treatment, we guarantee 5 years.

No matter what plan you choose, SOS Exterminating offers exceptional service. We will provide same day service when you call us before 12pm. If an inspector approves your build to move forward at 8am, call us and we’ll be at your site, ready to treat that same day.

Is there a warranty on the SOS Exterminating Pre-Construction Termite Service?

Our Pre-Construction Termite Service warranties are far greater than other companies in our area provide. Depending on the type of serve you select, your full warranty can be up to 5 years! Our termite specialists will work directly with you to determine the best option for the needs of your specific project. Once your build is complete, the warranty can be passed onto the tenant or buyer for continued coverage. We’re ready to partner with your company! Call us today to speak with our termite specialists.

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