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Landscaping and lawn care are important to residential and commercial property owners in Arizona. Weeds can not only ruin the hard work and aesthetics of your lawn but can also do damage to the landscaping, plants and even structures on your property.

Common Weed Damage

Weeds common to the area include dandelions, bull thistle, goosegrass, ragweed, and white clover. These plants and other varieties invade landscaping, lawns, gardens and farms and compete for sunlight, water and nutrients in the soil. They often overpower existing agriculture or crops leading to weak plants, susceptible to disease or decay.

As for lawns, weeds can overtake healthy grass and can take the nutrients out of the soil. The weed patches can be unsightly and frustrating to deal with.

Weeds can also impact crop yield. Large populations of weeds can diminish the quantity and quality of crops produced in farms or gardens.

Certain types of weeds can actually bring direct harm to humans with rashes or bad allergic reactions, among these are well known weeds poison ivy and poison oak.

DIY Weed Control

Although there are many options available, do-it-yourself weed control methods can be time-consuming, expensive or unhealthy.

Many prefer to use sprays and fertilizers found at home improvement stores to kill and prevent weeds but unfortunately these may be associated with serious health conditions. Other natural home remedies may be safer but aren’t always the most effective. Depending on the size of the property, some may choose to manually remove weeds. This can be incredibly time consuming and does not help to prevent them in the future. For the most efficient and effective solution, call in a professional weed control service.

Professional Weed Control

Restore order to your lawn, garden, or landscaping with the help of a professional weed control service.

Our weed control service include applications of:

  • Pre-emergent herbicides to control a broad spectrum of weeds.
  • Post-emergent herbicides applied after weeds appear for optimum control.
  • Pre-paving for weed control in parking lots and driveways.
  • Bare ground treatment for all total vegetation control in warehouses, equipment storage areas and industrial sites.
  • Construction-site treatment for weed control on empty lots and common areas.

Take Control of Your Property and Call the Experts

For all your residential and commercial weed problems, call SOS Exterminating. We are not only a leader in the industry, but we have the most experienced technicians and also use top of the line applications to get the job done.

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