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Birds and rodents on or around your property may not seem like a big deal, but they can cause damage to your property, belongings, and loved ones. Fortunately, our experienced technicians can help home and business owners protect their property from the stress of a bird and rodent infestation with bird control and rodent control services. 

Damage of Bird Infestations

Birds have known carriers of diseases such as E.coli, Histoplasmosis, and Salmonella, putting the health of those that frequent your property at risk when they frequent or build nests on your property. Crops, plants, and landscaping are also at risk.

Birds can destroy thousands of dollars worth of lost goods for farms and agricultural companies. Bird droppings are acidic and will cause damage to buildings and vehicles. Not to mention they are unpleasant and a pain to clean off.

Nesting is a part of the bird lifecycle that can also cause damage to building structures. Birds tend to build nests in eves, corners of roofing, or other cozy spots that provide shelter from the weather and other predators. This can end up causing damage to the building or roofing structure.

Importance of Bird Control

While there are many DIY or over-the-counter products for bird control, none are as safe and effective as trusting the professionals at SOS Exterminating to help you protect your property from birds. Netting, liquid, and laser repellants can be difficult to correctly set up on your own.

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    Rodent Damage

    Rodents like rats and mice seek shelter in the colder months when food and water supplies outdoor become scarce. They look for new sources of food, water, and protection from predators. This can become problematic when they build a home inside or around your property.

    Rodents bring with them bacteria and disease, threatening the health and safety of those who frequent your home or business. Rodents can chew on and contaminate food storage and surfaces, leading to the spread of bacteria.

    Fire hazards and electrical failure can also be an issue as mice and rats chew on the electrical wiring inside walls or attics.

    Importance of Rodent Exclusion

    Rodents can reproduce rapidly, quickly allowing an infestation to occur. They can be difficult to get rid of entirely with over-the-counter traps and devices. Expert rodent control services not only bring protection to your property but also peace of mind that you’re home or business is shielded from the damage and health threats a rodent infestation can bring.

    Exclusion From SOS Exterminating

    SOS Exterminating offers complete pest control services to help you protect your residential or commercial property. An experienced technician will come to evaluate and identify the type of infestation and come up with a customized bird or rodent control solution to meet your needs and work with your budget.

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    Since 1937, we’ve been serving Arizona property owners like you to protect and prevent pest infestations with our expert pest control services. Our Integrated Pest Management approach ensures existing problems are mitigated and future pests are controlled. Call today to schedule your free bird control quote.

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