Mosquitoes – A Safe and Effective Solution


Without the nuisance, and potential health hazard, of mosquitoes!  SOS Exterminating is here to help rid your yard of mosquitoes, safely and quickly.

  • SOS Exterminating has exclusive rights to ATSB. This is a revolutionary new product that safely and effectively kills mosquitoes
  • Within approximately 48 hours, you will begin to see the effects of ATSB.
  • ATSB reduces the mosquito population in the treated area by more than 90% in two to three weeks.
  • The product is so safe that it doesn’t require EPA registration. Safe for your family and pets.

There has never been a product like this before!

Here’s How This Amazing Product Works 

  • ATSB doesn’t rely on random landing, like kill on contact products.
  • ATSB doesn’t kill mosquitoes right away, but they are much less likely to bite humans after ingesting the bait.

ATSB, or Attractive Targeted Sugar Bait, is unusual because it does not contain any toxic pesticides. The active ingredient is garlic oil, which is combined with sugar from date juice, orange juice, and other sources, to attract mosquitoes. “They feed on it, and then, literally, the garlic oil makes them sick enough that they don’t want to then go bite a person.” – Dr. Stan Cope, Entomologist.

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