While gophers may be cute to some, property owners know that these rodents can cause serious damage. Gophers are prevalent across most of North American and can even create big problems at Arizona homes and businesses. Their intricate tunneling can compromise the lawn that you’ve worked so hard to maintain and even cause dangerous conditions through disrupted underground power lines or broken pipes. Learning about how gophers operate and what you can do to control them is key to maintaining your property in its preferred condition. Here’s a little bit more about gophers and what SOS Exterminating can do to control these pesky creatures at your property.

Gopher Control

Gopher control is more than filling holes or setting traps. These insistent creatures tend to call the same place home season after season, especially if that place is stocked with ample vegetation to thrive on. The gopher can cause significant property damage as they are adept of moving a ton of soil per year. They can also damage pipes and buried electricity lines through their tunneling. But getting control of a gopher problem is more than a DIY job. Typical DIY treatments like flooding, trapping, or gassing aren’t very effective. Gophers can also bite if you try to handle them, so bringing in the professionals is highly recommended. SOS Exterminating can evaluate how in-depth your gopher problem is, then devise a plan of action specific to your property’s needs.

Types of Gophers in Arizona

There are three species of gopher in Arizona, the most common of those being the Valley Pocket Gopher. These gophers measure up to 14 inches in length and have fine brown fur. They can create extensive tunnel systems that reach up to 200 yards and they spend most of their time underground. The exits to these tunnels leave unsightly mounds of dirt all over your lawn. They are often mistaken for groundhogs, but are actually smaller than that ground-dwelling nuisance.

What Gophers Love

Gophers love cool, moist soil within which to make their homes. If you have a lush, landscaped lawn, it’s likely that these creatures are already underground tunneling away. Some people think a method of gopher control is to flood their tunnels, however, this isn’t effective. Not only does it waste water, it could make the soil even more attractive to the gophers once the flood settles. These pests rarely spend time above ground, but when they do they’re doing so to eat. They mostly feed on roots and insects but will munch on grasses, herbs, bushes, and other vegetation, so if your property is lush it’s perfect for them.

Preventing Gophers

Simply put, gophers are attracted to places that have moist, cool dirt and ample food sources. Whether that means farms, orchards, gardens, or lush landscaping, these rodents set up shop where there is moist soil and ample food supply. They feed on insects, roots, plants, and other greenery. Since they rarely leave the ground, they tend to nest and tunnel where they can be above ground, if needed, with minimal threat or predators. Your backyard may be the perfect spot. Installing underground mesh is one way you can prevent gophers from getting into your yard or garden, though sometimes they just burrow right under it. There are also repellents on the market, but if you already have an established gopher problem, these rarely work. While they do play an important role in the ecosystem, having them running rampant on your property isn’t ideal.

If you find yourself with a known gopher control problem, let the experts at SOS Exterminating help. We have decades of experience serving the community and can help you get control of your property. Contact us today to learn more or fill out a form for a quote to help with gophers, or any other pest, on your property.