Why Are There Crickets In My Phoenix, AZ House?

Crickets may be nature’s musicians, but if you’ve got one in your Phoenix, AZ home, it’s less than thrilling. They’re noisy pests, but there’s good news if you suddenly find your home infested with more than your average share of crickets.

Crickets don’t bite humans or pets, and they aren’t known to carry diseases. Because crickets will eat practically anything, they can cause damage to clothing and curtains in your home, though the damage is seldom significant unless they are present in large numbers. Most people get crickets in their homes because of the moisture. In the dry summers here in the Valley, crickets are usually attracted to the possibility of moisture that exists inside of human made structures such as residential homes. However, cricket infestations can happen any time of year given the right circumstances.

Why do I have crickets in my house?

Crickets aren’t after your food, and they don’t pose a serious risk of disease, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the problem if you notice more than one or two crickets. Cricket infestations in your home mean that there are hidden openings, leaving you vulnerable to more serious insects and rodents.

Crickets may also attract other larger household pests who find them to be a tasty treat. As your home collects more crickets, both dead and alive, you could see increase activity from other pests like rodents or spiders.

Addressing a cricket issue helps you take control of your home’s environment and ensures that you’re sealing your house against other pests as well. This holistic approach to pest control could save you the headache of attempting DIY pest control products and help you sleep better without all that chirping.

How can I prevent crickets from getting into my home?

Crickets make their way inside through hidden openings around window and door frames or through unsealed vents and ducts. Any small crack in your home’s exterior is a potential entrance for crickets and other household pests. Crickets also live within garages, sheds, and under decks. Many garage doors don’t sit flush with the ground, leaving a large space for crickets to enter. Many people leave garage and shed doors completely open which is a very obvious and easily corrected problem. Anywhere they can escape the heat and find a cool, dark living space, crickets can thrive.

You can do a lot to ensure that crickets can’t find their way inside. Take a good look at your home if you’re finding crickets, and you may be able to find where crickets are coming in.

  • Door thresholds — Install door sweeps to your exterior doors and garage to help block insects. Even if you don’t think a space is large enough for crickets to enter, it’s never something to overlook.
  • Reseal windows — This is good practice for an energy-efficient home and it can also help block pests such as crickets from entering.
  • Inspect HVAC units, vents, and other thresholds. — You can install mesh across these entrances to help stop any insects seeking the moisture from your HVAC or condensation from ducts.
  • Caulk and seal any cracks near the base of your home to deter pests.
  • T.A.P. attic insulation can not only eliminate crickets, but it can also prevent air conditioning from escaping your home.

These simple steps can help you ensure that your home is protected and that you aren’t finding crickets in your home, regardless of the season.

How can SOS Exterminating get rid of crickets?

If you suspect you have a cricket infestation, a home inspection from SOS Exterminating can determine the extent of the problem and the solution. Our expert pest control technicians can ensure that your home is protected from a number of common household pests, including crickets.

Our specialists can look at places you may have overlooked in your home where insects are finding their way inside. Once we’ve identified these areas, we will work with you to find the right solution for your comfort and to help ensure that your home is kept free of the insects you hate.

Crickets may not pose a threat, but their presence can attract other household pests that use them as a food source. Comprehensive action to remove and deter crickets can also help protect you from future infestations.

Call SOS Exterminating today to find out how we can get rid of crickets and prevent them returning with our targeted pest control plans. Click here to learn more about our T.A.P. attic insulation services for additional cricket prevention.