The Benefits of Lawn Weed Control in Arizona

Healthy Lawns in Arizona

No matter how much time and effort you put into landscaping and maintaining your lawn, there are a few Arizona weeds that will still make their way into your yard. To keep your lawn looking its best and staying healthy, consider a weed control regimen to prevent potential weed infiltration and potential damage.

Potential Dangers of Weeds

When weeds aren’t kept in-check, they will affect the health of your plants. In just a short time the weeds take over the area where plants are growing and start competing for food, water, and nutrients in the soil such as potassium and nitrogen. As the weeds overwhelm the plants, they also deprive them of much needed sunlight. The plants end up being susceptible to insects and disease. In essence, your plants will be “withering on the vine” while the weeds thrive.

A plant’s root system continues to grow, establishing itself firmly in the area where it has been planted. Some types of plants are ground covers and need open spaces to expand. Weeds are able to grow quickly and take over the space, leaving no growing room for the other plants.

Not all weeds are friendly. Some are poisonous. This can be a dangerous situation for pets who may chew on or eat one of these weeds. This can lead to severe sickness or the loss of your pet. Some varieties of flowering weeds are fragrant enticements for bees and even wasps. A sting by either is painful. For individuals allergic to stings, these types of weeds can lead to a dangerous health issue.

There are parasitic weeds that not only compete for growing space and nutrients in the soil, but they may also wind around the stems of healthy plants or attach to the plant’s roots and drain the nutrients directly from the plant, which leaves them weak and prone to disease.

Weed Control

While some weeds are vibrant, colorful, and can add to the overall look of your yard, if there is no lawn weed control process in place, the weeds can take over causing a few problems. A few of the weeds you may have to deal with include purslane, bull thistle, chickweed, ragweed, goosegrass, dandelion, and sweet clover.

Having a lawn weed control service visit your home or business helps keep areas free of weeds and the lawn growing and thriving year-round. With scheduled service, technicians visit the location and apply herbicides designed to control a wide variety of weeds in various locations.

About Weed Control Services

Depending on whether the company is servicing a home or business and the extent of the weed problem determines the plan technicians put into action. Examples of the type of services available with weed control include applications of pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicides to eliminate the weeds. For companies responsible for paving driveways and parking lots, these, too, receive weed control treatment. Industrial sites, storage areas, and warehouses also benefit with bare ground treatment.

While doing your own weed control may seem like a good idea, it is time consuming and requires on-going maintenance. With the help of a professional service like SOS Exterminating, the investment you’ve made in your lawn will be in experienced hands.

Scheduled Lawn Control

SOS Exterminating takes the stress out of weed control by providing services for homeowners and business owners. Whether a homeowner has weeds sprouting up in the lawn or a construction company needs empty lots weed free, we have the services to take on the job. Our company has experienced technicians who have access to a quality line of products to make sure weeds are gone. Call us and let’s talk about what you need then schedule an appointment to have it done.

The Benefits of Lawn Weed Control in Arizona Professional Pest Control Services in Gilbert, AZ

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