What You Should Know About Arizona Ants

About Arizona Ants

Ants in Arizona are abundant as there are many species that thrive in the warm climate the state provides. Homeowners and business owners will most likely encounter these fast-moving pests at some point. Ants in Arizona are active during the spring and fall. They are also active during monsoon season that typically runs from June to September.

Ants in Arizona

Of the many species found around the globe, some of the most common species of ants in Arizona are carpenter ants, pavement ants, crazy ants, fire ants, forelius ants, and odorous house ants. Each has its own characteristics and preferences, but all can be a nuisance both indoors and outdoors.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants live up to their name as they are drawn to wood. They chew tunnels through wood sources that can include the beams in your home, and use the bits and pieces for nests. Carpenter ants will bite in self-defense but don’t sting. The bite can be uncomfortable as it causes itching and burning.

Pavement Ants

If you check areas such as a patio, deck, driveway, even landscaping rocks you will often find pavement ants. Also known as sugar ants, they prefer surfaces that are hot. They do sting, and while it is not as powerful as other species, it can cause a problem for those who may be allergic to their venom.

Crazy Ants

Like their name suggests, crazy ants are erratic, quickly running this way and that in no set pattern. They are small, and prefer to be inside when it is cold, so they have easier access to food and water. Crazy ants like anything that is attached to an electrical circuit, which include computers, stereos in your vehicle, and circuit boxes. If they bite, which isn’t often, it does not produce the same type of reaction as fire ants.

Forelius Ants

Forelius ants aren’t hard to miss with their bright orange color. They do come inside to set up colonies usually where it is hot and dry and preferably where they have access to anything sweet. They are adept at sabotaging the entrance to the tunnels of competing ants. They do not sting, but instead act aggressively by standing their ground, waving their antennae, and moving their bodies around as a show of defense.

Fire Ants

There are multiple subspecies within the fire ant category. The two species most common in Arizona are desert fire ants and Southern fire ants. These ants are hard to eliminate, and they are aggressive, often causing havoc to other ant colonies. Fire ants usually prefer the outdoors or a detached garage or shed. They’re sting is painful and can leave blisters.

Odorous Ants

Odorous ants are small, which gives them the advantage of easily accessing cracks and crevices to access buildings. They do not sting or bite. They, too, are drawn to warm locations near food sources.

Preventing Ants

Keeping ants out of your home or business is best achieved by closing off entry points such as any openings around doors, windows, piping under the sink, hoses and/or wiring around washers and dryers, and HVAC systems, or window units. The best way to remove an ant infestation is contacting a company like SOS Exterminating that can handle the problem efficiently and safely.

Professional Services

There is no need to let ants run amuck in your home, yard, or business with the help we provide at SOS Exterminating. We are all about creating a healthy home or work environment and have the knowledge, equipment, techniques, and plan of action to rid homes and businesses of unwanted guest pests. Take advantage of our free inspection and estimate, so one of our professional experts can put an end to the potential damage an ant colony can create. Call today.

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