What Attracts Crickets to My AZ Home?

If you see a cricket in your home, it is generally a good idea to call a pest control specialist from a company such as SOS Exterminating. Although crickets are unlikely to harm yourself or your home, they can attract other pests that might put your health and safety at risk. Let’s take a closer look at why crickets like to invade residential properties and the importance of getting rid of them in a timely manner.

Crickets Need Food and Water to Survive

As with any other creature, a cricket will need adequate nourishment to remain in good health. A house will often provide insects of all types with a steady source of food and water, which is why they attempt to make your home their home as well. It’s not uncommon to see crickets gather in large numbers in basements, attics or garages because they tend to feature moist environments.

There also tends to be a significant number of spiders, flies and other insects that they can eat in these spaces. In addition to insects, crickets can eat fruit, wood and other materials that they can easily get to.

Crickets Enjoy Warm Spaces

You may notice a significant number of crickets spending time near your home’s water heater. This is because it provides the warmth that they crave while also providing an abundant source of water. Furthermore, they may spend time near a furnace, space heater or any other components that help keep your house warm during the cooler fall or winter months.

Crickets Are Attracted to Light

Like most insects, crickets are attracted to light. This is why you may see them swarming around a porch light, near a kitchen window or in close proximity to electronic devices that give off any sort of glow. Once a cricket gets close enough to your house, they will make their way inside through any cracks that they can find.

Your Home May Provide Protection Against Predators

A variety of creatures such as snakes, birds and scorpions feed on house and other types of crickets. Therefore, if you notice that crickets have entered your home, there is a good chance that anything that eats them will also be attracted to your property. This is why it may be in your best interest to get in touch with a cricket control Arizona company. As a general rule, snakes, scorpions and birds can all wreak havoc on your home, and these creatures may also cause health problems if you spend too much time in their presence.

Most Crickets Don’t Want to Permanently Live Inside of Your Home

Although certain breeds of cricket can live inside of a house for several years, this is generally not their intent. Unlike rodents, wasps or other pests, crickets will leave the comfort and safety of a home to find food, find a mate or for a variety of other reasons.
If you notice a cricket in your house, there is no need to panic. However, it is a good idea to contact a company such as SOS Exterminators as soon as possible. A professional will likely be able to determine the extent of an insect infestation and take steps to control it. This can minimize the chances that other potential pests try to invade your property in search of a meal or warm place to live.