Are Boxelder Bugs Common in Arizona?

Your home is a haven where you kick off your shoes, relax and enjoy your leisure time. You come in for respite from the extreme weather in the Grand Canyon State. Unfortunately, pests also turn to your home for relief from the extreme summertime heat, frigid winter nights and dry air. Boxelder bugs are one of the most common insects that invade homes in Arizona. SOS Exterminating offers pest control to get rid of boxelder bug infestations.

What Are Boxelder Bugs?

Boxelder bugs are a type of insect. They’re mostly black with red or orange markings on their backs. Their wings overlap when folded. The adult bugs measure about 0.5 inches long. Juveniles are much smaller. The nymph stage of the boxelder bug is bright red. The bug’s exoskeleton turns darker as it matures. Boxelders don’t sting or bite. They don’t spread disease. However, they are a nuisance, especially when they congregate by the hundreds on or in your home.

Where Do Boxelder Bugs Live?

Boxelder bugs get their name from the boxelder tree, and those trees are their natural habitat. They also live in or near pear, ash and sugar maple trees, explains the Arizona Cooperative Extension. The bugs eat the tree sap, but they don’t cause major damage to the tree. When the growing season ends, the bugs look for other sources of food and a place to hibernate during the colder weather. They find it in and near your home. If you squish a boxelder bug, it releases a foul odor, much like a stink bug.

How do Boxelder Bugs Get Into Houses?

Boxelder bugs squeeze inside your home through door and window openings, cracks, vents, and gaps around flues and plumbing openings. They can also fly into your home or sneak a ride inside your house in laundry hung on a clothesline or on fresh produce. According to the University of Minnesota Extension boxelder bugs only need a 1/8-inch gap to get into your home.

Why Are Boxelder Bugs a Problem in Homes?

Like other creepy-crawlies, boxelder bugs in Arizona are a nuisance. The skitter across your floor and may hide in linens, furniture and carpets. They have piercing mouthparts, and they may bite if startled. When they get into your home by the dozens, they may contaminate your food, your pet’s food or other products you use.

Will Boxelder Bugs in Arizona Invade My Home Every Year?

Boxelder bugs in Arizona are more common after a hot, dry summer. If you notice an increase in the number of bugs in your trees, you can count on a likely invasion of your home in the autumn or winter. Sealing gaps and cracks reduces the risk of a boxelder bug infestation, but some may still get in your home. Insecticides sprayed on trees and on door and window frames offer the best protection against infestations of boxelder bugs in Arizona.

When Do I Need Pest Control Services for Boxelder Infestations?

If you see more than one boxelder bug in your home, chances are good there are dozens, perhaps even hundreds. Trying to get rid of them on your own could be next to impossible. It’s best to leave boxelder bug removal to professional pest exterminators. Experienced pest control technicians have the right equipment to reach the nooks and crannies where insects hide. They can also give you tips on how to make your home less attractive to bugs.
Boxelder bugs in Arizona are a nuisance, and they make your home less enjoyable. Entrusting their removal to our pest control professionals allows you to fully relax and feel comfortable in your home. For additional information about boxelder bugs or to schedule pest removal services, contact us at SOS Exterminating today.

Are Boxelder Bugs Common in Arizona? Professional Pest Control Services in Gilbert, AZ

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