What Are Reliable Weed Treatments in Arizona?

Weeds on your Arizona property are annoying at best. At worst, they can make your landscaping look seedy. SOS Exterminating can make weeds disappear and keep your grounds looking their best.

A variety of treatments for weed control Arizona can banish even highly resistant weeds and prevent their return.

Preemergent Weed Control

Preemergent weed control is a proactive measure that prevents weeds from even getting started. The spray treatment is applied to soil in early spring to kill weeds before they can break the ground. It’s a simple yet effective way to keep your property pleasingly weed-free.

Post-Emergent Weed Control

Post-emergent spray treatments kill visible weeds, sedges and weedy patches. Sedges are grass-like weeds that look like turf grass until you take a closer look.

Broadleaf Weed Control

We use this form of weed control when weeds are mixed with grass. You want the grass, but you don’t want the weeds. The problem is easily solved with our broadleaf weed control formula. This treatment abolishes weeds, but it leaves your grass looking great.

Weedgrass Removal

Your lawn might look green. However, upon closer inspection, you see that what you thought was grass is actually just a bunch of green weeds. Our grassy weed control treatment removes only the weeds. Without having to defend itself against weeds, your lawn can occupy center stage.

Pre-paving For Weed Control

Pre- and post-paving herbicide applications have been shown to control the growth of Bermuda grass in asphalt pavement. Weeds in asphalt cause rapid pavement deterioration.

Bermuda grass is to blame for most of the trouble. However, johnsongrass, milk-wood, bunchgrasses and other invasive weeds can pop up in scattered clusters and add to the overall destruction.

Bare Ground and Construction Site Weed Removal

Soil sterilants remove weeds in empty lots. They also kill weeds in industrial settings like warehouses and equipment storage facilities. These non-selective treatments eliminate all vegetation for at least six months.

Types of Weeds in Arizona

Arizona weeds are hardy and aggressive, even in our desert environment. Not only are Arizona weeds ugly, but they also kill off desirable vegetation. Two weeds dominate the scene in the Phoenix area:

Grassy Weeds

  • Nutsedge: Also known as nut grass and sedges, nutsedge is highly aggressive. It’s also immune to garden-variety weed killers. Nutsedge is one of the most difficult weeds to control. Because it grows in lawns and looks like real grass, it can take over before you even know it’s there.
  • Bromegrass: Another grassy weed, bromegrass is an invasive species that increases the risk of wildfires. It spreads quickly if not nipped in the bud.
  • Orchard grass and foxtail: Without prompt intervention, these weeds will kill off the plants you are cultivating. We use special herbicides that target only the weeds. The treatment does not harm other vegetation.

Broadleaf Weeds

These plants have flat and broad leaves that are larger than those of the grassy weeds. Broadleaf weeds are easier to spot, but they are also more deadly to grass than grassy weeds.

Because the leaves are larger, broadleaf weeds absorb more sunshine than grass. They can also extract more water and nutrients from the soil to fuel their growth. That leaves less for the vegetation you want to preserve.

  • Pigweed and goosefoot: These weeds are edible. However, they should be grown separately. They can quickly take over a garden before the other veggies can even get started.
  • Puncturevine and burr clover: These broadleaf weeds are not friendly to humans or animals. The burrs stick to everything, especially pets. You can easily injure yourself trying to remove them.
  • Silver nightshade: If you find silver nightshade growing on your property, get rid of it immediately. It can poison pets and livestock.
  • Tumbleweed: Although easily spotted because of its larger size, just one tumbleweed can spread thousands of seeds over hundreds of miles.

Need help getting weeds out of your life? Get help from the team at SOS weed control services. We’ll answer all your questions, and we love chatting with our customers.

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