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Why Would a Scorpion Be in my House?

Do you have a problem with scorpions in and around your home? Scorpions don’t necessarily cause damage to your home, but they are poisonous. While most scorpion stings only cause pain, the Arizona bark scorpion has venom that is poisonous enough to seriously harm or even kill a human. If you find a scorpion in your home, you should call a pest control company for scorpion control and to implement scorpion exclusion measures to remove current infestations and prevent future infestations.

Scorpion Characteristics

Scorpions are arachnids. They have eight legs, two with pinchers to grab their prey, and a long tail with a poisonous tip. They prefer to live in burrows in the ground, and they have poor eyesight. This means they use touch to navigate. Scorpions prefer not to live in groups, but they will seek out other scorpions to mate, and they can mate and produce live offspring all year long. They also live between three and eight years. This means that if you ignore a scorpion problem in your home or on your property, it’s not likely to go away on its own.

What are Scorpions Attracted to? 

Scorpions don’t want to live around humans, but if your home offers ample shelter, food and water, they may move in. Here are four reasons scorpions are attracted to your home and some scorpion control measures you can take to prevent them from using your home as a habitat.

1. Darkness

Scorpions prefer the dark and hide during the day. This helps them not get found by predators, control their body temperatures and stay out of the sun. If you have a basement, scorpions like to hide their first, but they can also be found under piles. This includes piles of clothes and boxes. If you want to scan your home or property for scorpions, you can do it at night with a UV light. This is because scorpions glow when they’re put under a UV light.

2. Water

Scorpions are always on the hunt for water. They need it to survive, but their prey also needs it. For this reason, scorpions are often found in bathrooms and kitchens. This is because they likely found a hole in a pipe or a hole between the pipe and exterior wall and crawled inside. While scorpions measure two to three inches in length, they can crawl through gaps and cracks that measure 1/8th of an inch. To deter scorpions from entering your home, eliminate any standing water outside and clean up spills inside. This includes removing wet towels from bathroom floors.

3. A Hiding Spot Out of the Sun

Scorpions are active at night, and they need shelter during the day. While your home and property aren’t ideal locations for scorpion habitats, they will move in if their previous habitat was disturbed or destroyed, and they find ample places to hide, food and water. To make your home and property less inviting, don’t leave hoses dripping on your property, keep stacks of wood off the ground, and make sure there are no piles of debris on your land.

4. A Food Source

Scorpions eat other bugs, including centipedes, spiders, cockroaches, termites, flies, and beetles. While this may sound like a good thing, the presence of a scorpion could mean you also have an insect infestation. To deter scorpions, regularly have your home sprayed for insects and take measures to reduce insect populations near your home. If scorpions can’t find anything to eat, they will move to another location.

Scorpion Extermination with SOS Exterminating

If you have scorpions on your property, SOS Exterminating, serving Phoenix Metro and Northern Arizona, offers scorpion control services. We can find current infestations and help prevent future infestations in your home and on your property.

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