mouse in a home

Ways You Are Attracting Mice Into Your Home

You may be unintentionally attracting mice into your home without realizing it. At SOS Exterminating, rodent exclusion is one of our specialties. Over the years, we have seen many different pest control issues. When it comes to rodents, there are a few common reasons why mice may be accessing an indoor space.

The Main Ways You Might Be Attracting Mice Into Your Home

In the United States, there are more than 70 species of mice and rats. Once rats are in your home, they can cause extensive damage. In fact, rodents are one of the most expensive invasive species. Each year, rats cause $19 billion in damages.

1. You Let Fruits and Nuts Remain on the Ground

During harvest season, fruits and nuts may naturally drop onto the ground. Unfortunately, these fallen fruits can end up attracting rodents. Once rodents are in your yard, they may try to sneak into your house. To prevent this from happening, you should get in the habit of sweeping everything up on a routine basis.

2. There Are Open Trash Cans or Pet Waste

Some homeowners make life easy for rodents. When a trash can is left open and full of garbage, it is like a free buffet for vermin in the area. You should always keep your trash cans and dumpsters sealed in order to keep pests away. In addition, you should empty garbage cans as often as possible if they are left close to your home.

If you have pets, rats may be attracted to your property from their waste. Even though the food already went through the pet’s digestive system, it still has nutrient value in it that can attract mice. Cleaning up waste and spraying the smelly grass with water can remove the food’s scent and help with mouse control.

3. You Have Leaky Pipes

While cockroaches can survive up to two weeks without water, rats need to have a daily source of water to survive. Because of this, you need to fix your home’s leaky pipes. If you are not careful, birdbaths and pet bowls could also become water sources for rats. To help with mouse control, dripping faucets and faucets should be fixed or replaced.

4. The House Is Cluttered

Unlike some creatures, rats love to build nests. Since they need clutter to make their nests, a cluttered home is more likely to attract rats. Once they have nesting materials available, they will typically build a home near food sources. Sheds, garages, basements, and attics are popular spots. For rodent exclusion, you should clean up any unused paper, cardboard, and similar materials.

5. You Forgot to Trim Your Shrubs

Each year, you should make an effort to prune your trees and trim your shrubs. Rodents are attracted to many types of vegetation. In addition, they can crawl up the branches and vines to reach the roof of your home.

How You Can Protect Your Home From Mice

To protect your home from mice, you should start by sealing all of your entry points. Rats can access a home through holes that are as small as a quarter, so you should seal these spaces with wire wool or similar materials. You should also store food in thick containers, so rats cannot gnaw through the package.

If you are struggling with rodent control or other kinds of pest control, you are not alone. SOS Exterminating can help with rats, termites, spiders, mosquitos, and other types of pests. To learn more about our pest control services, reach out to an exterminator today.