As the central residential hub of Phoenix, Alhambra has long been the beating heart of the Valley of the Sun. Home to both Grand Canyon University and Granada Park, this nifty neighborhood boasts a suburban feel in the middle of a bustling metropolis.

Unfortunately, Alhambra is no stranger to many dangerous pests that can have a major impact on property values and quality of life. The local geography and climate make the locale an inviting place for pesky critters. At SOS Exterminating, we’re experts at putting pests in their place.

Pest Control Services We Offer

Residential Pest Control

It’s hard to feel comfortable at home if pests are infiltrating the premises. At SOS Exterminating, we understand those concerns and go out of our way to craft the appropriate solutions to your pest problems. Superior Alhambra AZ residential pest control is our stock in trade.

Commercial Pest Control

Alhambra business owners have enough to worry about without having to deal with hazardous pests. Savvy Alhambra commercial property owners leave the varmint control to the team at SOS Exterminating. We offer commercial pest control in Alhambra AZ to all manner of businesses around the neighborhood.

SOS Exterminating Specialties

Bee Control

There are many kinds of bees in Arizona including Africanized Bees and you can find them all in Alhambra. While bees are great at pollinating trees and making honey, they don’t belong in commercial and residential properties. SOS Exterminating can keep them out of places where they shouldn’t reside.

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Bed Bug Control

Some of the most prolific pests in existence, bed bugs are hard to get rid of once they establish themselves. Calling in the professionals to steam and fumigate is the best option available. Our trusty technicians can make short work of bed bugs in your Alhambra property.

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Gopher Control

When it comes to pest control in Alhambra AZ, gophers present one of the most vexing problems imaginable. They can tear up lawns and undermine foundations quietly before their impact becomes apparent. SOS Exterminating has the tools and skills required to stop them in their tracks.

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Mosquito Control

Generally speaking, mosquitoes aren’t a huge problem in the desert. Nevertheless, these buggers are found all over the Phoenix area during monsoon season. They spread lousy afflictions like West Nile virus easily if left unchecked. Fortunately, eradicating mosquitoes is easy if you know what you’re doing.

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Scorpion Control

Getting stung by a scorpion for the first time is a right of passage no Arizonan ever forgets. Long story short, it’s not a fun time if you’re unfamiliar with the experience. SOS Exterminating can ensure that you don’t have to deal with scorpions on a daily basis.

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Spider Control

Whether it’s a tarantula or a wolf spider that’s set up shop in your building, arachnids are nothing to be trifled with. Aside from the health threats they can pose, they make any residence or business uninviting. SOS Exterminating has decades of experience eradicating these long-legged pests

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Termite Treatment

Few things in life are more troublesome than a termite infestation in your home or business. Those little critters can make mincemeat out of the sturdiest structures in short order when left unchecked. SOS Exterminating has the tools and know-how required to neutralize them ASAP.

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Weed Control

When your lawn looks like a jungle, it’s likely that your weed situation has spiraled out of control. Keeping the clover and milkweed out of the equation is pretty important if you value curb appeal. SOS Exterminating excels at beating weeds like a champ.

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Attic Insulation

Keeping annoying pests out of the home or the office often starts with adequate attic protection. SOS Exterminating provides the kind of attic insulation Alhambra AZ residents can count on to prevent pests from breaching the perimeter. Ultimately, great attic insulation results in superior pest prevention.

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