Camelback Mountain is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the Phoenix area. The area has plenty of trails that are popular for visitors and local residents alike. Desert plants abound, and the mountain provides a great place to view desert wildlife. Common pests are among the wildlife that inhabits the area around Camelback. That’s why it’s important to secure the services of a qualified professional like SOS Exterminating which handles pest control in Camelback AZ.

Camelback AZ Residential Pest Control

No one really wants to deal with bugs in and around their home, but the little critters can just decide to move in with you before you know what’s happened. Even unseen pests can cause damage or disease that can impact your family. Termites can literally eat your floors out from under you, and some insects like cockroaches can spread disease. Our professional team knows the signs of common pests, and they’ll come up with a treatment plan to rid your home of any unwanted vermin.

Commercial Pest Control in Camelback AZ

Not only do insects like to infest homes, they also enjoy moving into businesses. Few things will turn off prospective customers like the sign of a pest such as a rat or a cockroach. This is especially true for businesses in the food service sphere. Bugs can spread disease along with a general feeling of disgust. Ridding your place of business of unwanted pests is an important step to maintaining a good reputation in the community. It’s frequently said that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Make that impression a good one with a building that’s free of common pests.

Here are some of the major services we provide:

Bee Control

Africanized bees have an increasing presence in Arizona. They like to start building new hives in garages and sheds. Additionally, these bees can swarm perceived threats. Our professionals know how to deal with a bee infestation and make it less likely they’ll return.

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Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are making a comeback in many communities. Our professionals use a combination of steaming and pesticides to kill these pests that like to feast on human and animal blood. Even relatively clean homes can be in danger of infestation, so be sure to check with our Camelback AZ pest control if you suspect bed bugs.

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Bird Exclusion

When people think of common pests, birds are not usually the first animal that comes to mind. However, birds can spread disease, and their acidic droppings can damage vehicles or buildings. Additionally, they can build nests in the corners of roofing and cause damage. Our experienced team can help you keep birds away from your property so that you don’t have to worry about any unwanted damage.

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Gopher Control

Gophers have an important ecological part to play by moving soil around. However, that doesn’t mean you want them on your property. These furry friends can damage underground infrastructure and destroy gardens and lawns. Our team provides customized plans to help you get rid of any gophers on your property.

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Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are a major disease vector. SOS Exterminating uses ATSB, a safe product that can cut down the number of mosquitoes in treated areas within a couple of weeks. Results can start to show within 48 hours.

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Scorpion Control

A sting from a scorpion can send you to the hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, scorpions thrive in Arizona’s climate. Sealing your home against their entry is key, and our professionals can help you seal problematic areas.

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Spider Control

Unfortunately, venomous black widow and brown recluse spiders are common in Arizona. If you find them around your home or business, be sure to contact our team to remove them. A bite from either can cause serious illness.

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Termite Treatment

Termites feast on wood, and they can cause serious damage to buildings before homeowners know they have a problem. That’s why it’s important to inspect for termites and treat any infestations before they cause too much damage.

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Weed Control

Weeds can harm desirable vegetation and take nutrients from the soil. This can lead to lower crop yields. Our team can apply herbicides that are targeted to limit the growth of specific weeds that cause problems in the Arizona climate. Your yard and your garden will benefit from our treatment programs.

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Attic Insulation

Our team can install T.A.P. attic insulation for your home or business. This environmentally friendly insulation is made from recycled paper, and it can fit into any tiny opening in your attic. This provides a double benefit by increasing your home’s efficiency while also keeping many common pests out.

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Professional Pest Control In Camelback AZ

Whether you’re looking to rid your home of common pests or install attic insulation Camelback AZ has a proven option. Be sure to call SOS Exterminating for all of your pest control needs. We’re ready to provide you with a free quote and an effective plan. Contact us today!

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