If you’re lucky enough to live in Catalina, AZ, you understand the majesty of the area. Catalina is not just a suburb of Tucson. It’s a thriving community with a rural feel that gives residents the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

But there are plenty of pests that also enjoy the climate and rustic nature of the area. Professional pest control in Catalina AZ allows you to make the most of life without worrying about stings, bites or creepy-crawly critters.

Residential Pest Control

Some pests are annoying. Others are dangerous. Neither type of pest is welcome in your home.

Our Catalina AZ pest control company has dealt with them all. The technicians at SOS Exterminating are skilled in effective methods for eradicating pests from your home. They’re trained to scope out signs of pest problems, remove the pests from the premises and prevent them from returning.

Moreover, we offer a personal touch that customers appreciate. We help residents across the area transform nasty pest problems into a pleasant experience. Call us for Catalina AZ residential pest control. We will take the stress off of your shoulders so that you can enjoy your living space again.

Commercial Pest Control

Discretion, effectiveness, and professionalism are essential when it comes to commercial pest control. You don’t want your customers seeing insects or other critters in your establishment. But you don’t want them to wonder why the exterminator is visiting again.

We consider all of your needs when scheduling and implementing commercial pest control in Catalina AZ. We use products and methods that keep you and your customers safe.

Bee Control

Having bees on your property can make you anxious every time you go outdoors. If they make their way inside your building, they become even more problematic. Trying to get rid of them yourself can put you in danger. Nicknamed the “killer bee,” Africanized bees are a type of honey bee that is a common problem in Arizona. Our Catalina AZ pest control technicians are familiar with the bee species in our area and will remove them in a way that’s safe for you and the bees.

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Bed Bug Control

Bed bug outbreaks can affect any part of the country, including Catalina. These pests are parasites and cause incredibly itchy bites. They’re also notoriously difficult to exterminate using DIY methods. Get peace of mind that you can wipe them out for good with SOS Exterminating.

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Bird Exclusion

Birds can damage your home and property. Their nesting materials and droppings interfere with solar panels and HVAC systems. Some species destroy the materials that hold up your house. Pathogens from these pests can spread throughout a building. Our residential and commercial pest control in Catalina AZ offers humane solutions for keeping your property safe from pesky birds.

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Gopher Control

Are you having trouble keeping your lawn looking great? Gophers may be to blame. Their tunnels can quickly damage your yard, killing vegetation, chewing underground cables, and damaging irrigation systems. We wipe out the gophers so that you can have your lush lawn back.

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Mosquito Control

Arizona is known for its dry climate, but your property may still be plagued by mosquitoes. SOS pest control in Catalina AZ offers expert service for stamping out mosquitoes from your yard. We take measures to make your property unattractive to mosquitoes and use an exclusive product that’s safe for people, pets and the environment while reducing the mosquito population by 90%.

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Scorpion Control

Scorpions are critters that you don’t want to come across. However, they’re plentiful in Arizona, making them a common pest in homes and businesses. It’s important to use effective methods to exterminate these dangerous animals and make your property less vulnerable to them.

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Spider Control

Spiders are a common complaint among Catalina AZ pest control companies. They breed rapidly and in large numbers, making an infestation difficult to control on your own. Some spiders are known for their reclusive nature. They may be difficult to spot, but our team of experts is skilled at identifying and exterminating them.

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Termite Treatment

Termite control is a year-round job in Arizona. The professionals at SOS Exterminating are highly trained in protecting your building from termites. Our treatments reduce the risk that termites will compromise your health or structure. We use a bait barrier system that eradicates existing colonies and prevents new ones from invading. This is a service that you can’t afford to skip. We make it easy; you don’t even have to be home for our technicians to perform termite services on your property.

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Weed Control

Weeds look unsightly and bother your neighbors. They’re also difficult to control and create breeding grounds for pests. Don’t let weeds overtake your healthy grass. Contact SOS Exterminating for a comprehensive weed control program that lets you enjoy your lawn without the hassle of maintaining it yourself.

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Attic Insulation

If your home is drafty or your power bills are increasing without explanation, you might want to inspect your attic insulation. Faulty insulation leads to energy leaks that are uncomfortable for the people in your building as well as your wallet. Adding our environmentally sensitive attic insulation in Catalina AZ reduces noise, improves HVAC efficiency, maintains a consistent temperature in our home, and controls common pests in Catalina. It’s also flame retardant and resistant to mold and mildew, letting you rest easy knowing that you’re protected.

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Pest Control Services In Catalina, AZ

Taking care of pest problems in Catalina before they become major issues can save you headaches and money. Contact SOS Exterminating for a free quote, and learn more about how our specialists can safeguard your space.

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