As part of the Greater Phoenix Metro Area, the city of El Mirage, AZ, provides residents with the comfort of suburban living along with easy access to the indoor and outdoor attractions of a big city. There are numerous museums in Phoenix, for instance, and the Desert Botanical Garden to explore. Hiking and biking trails are plentiful. But for a lot of people, the climate can be tough to accept: the summers are sweltering while the winters, though mild, can be accompanied by below-freezing temperatures.

This makes the many pests in the area, from cockroaches to bed bugs, want to take shelter in your home or business. If they escape your notice, they could spread viruses and cause a lot of structural damage. At SOS Exterminating, we encourage you to call for an inspection at the first suspicious sign. Below, we’ll explain what we do in terms of pest control in El Mirage AZ.

Residential Pest Control

We’re experts when it comes to El Mirage AZ residential pest control, and this is reflected in our personalized plans. Together, we’ll come up with effective ways to deal with the pests your home is harboring, all while considering your budget, the health of you and your family, and the environment.

Commercial Pest Control

It can be a tricky thing to perform commercial pest control in El Mirage AZ. As a business owner, you don’t want to scare off any customers or decrease morale when your employees realize there’s a pest problem. Rest assured that we’ll keep your business’s reputation and productivity uppermost in our minds. As with our residential services, we ensure safe, effective, environmentally conscious pest treatment methods.

Bee Control

Arizona is rife with Africanized bees, better known as “killer bees.” The risk of being stung by them goes up during the summer, so be watchful. If the bees have decided to nest around your property, have our trained technicians come over rather than try any DIY solutions.

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Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs love warm, snug areas close to where people sleep; that way, they can come out at night and suck the blood of the sleeping host. Their bites can swell and become itchy, and many of those who become repeat victims begin to lose sleep on account of it all. Now, you can’t get rid of them by simply throwing out the mattress. Rather, have us provide a combination of pesticide treatments and heat treatments. Bed bugs can’t stand high temperatures for long.

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Bird Exclusion

birds nesting in a gutter

You don’t want birds to hang around your home or business, mainly because of their droppings, which can spread disease and even cause steel to degrade. Besides that, they can peck away at your structure and cause drainage problems with their nests. We’ll put up spikes and nets and use other means to keep these pests away.

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Gopher Control

We know the kind of damage that gophers can cause to your lawn, irrigation system, and foundation. Luckily, we also know how to trap them and eliminate them with baits.

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Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are highly dangerous pests due to their resistance against deadly and devastating diseases such as West Nile Virus. If there’s any standing water on your property, mosquitoes will breed around it. Let us kill off these pests and their larvae with pesticides, ensuring that they never return.

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Scorpion Control

During the cooler months here, we often encounter Arizona black scorpions. These three-inch-long scorpions can squeeze through openings as little as a quarter inch wide, and they hide in moist, dark places. Step on one accidentally, and you’ll get a venomous sting that may cause serious pain. We’ll remove them, though, and seal your home against further invasions.

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Spider Control

Some spiders are harmless, but the two most dangerous, the brown recluse and the black widow, have a strong presence in Arizona. Don’t try to handle spider infestations on your own; we know just the thing that will get them out for good.

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Termite Treatment

Subterranean termites are arguably the most destructive pest around, but they’re no match for our Bait Barrier System: a product that has protected even the Statue of Liberty and the White House from these pests. This system of poisoned baits is the ideal alternative to chemical treatments that require drilling into the foundation.

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Weed Control

It goes without saying that you don’t want your yard infested with weeds. Our weed control services kill existing weeds to keep your lawn looking its best. We also offer pre-treatments for new building projects.

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Attic Insulation

Keeping annoying pests out of the home or the office often starts with adequate attic protection. We install the kind of attic insulation El Mirage AZ residents can rely on for years of protection against the elements, including against pests. As a plus, you boost energy efficiency with insulation.

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Pest Control Services in El Mirage AZ

Keeping your home and family safe from pests is what we do best. SOS Exterminating is ready to give you a free quote for El Mirage, AZ pest control, so contact us today to get started!