Nestled between mountains, parks, and Native American communities, Fountain Hills offers an idyllic setting for individuals and families. This Phoenix suburb has plenty of green space, community events, and cultural attractions. But the community is best known for its fountain, which was the world’s tallest for more than 10 years. The fountain rises from a water lily sculpture in the center of a serene lake, making this town particularly picturesque.

But pests that are common to Arizona enjoy this area almost as much as the residents and visitors. To keep your home and property as pleasant as possible, contact SOS Exterminating for pest control in Fountain Hills, AZ.

Residential Pest Control

Some pests are a nuisance, making life in your home and yard uncomfortable. Others are downright destructive, damaging structures and posing a health hazard to the people and pets that live there.

SOS Exterminating offers Fountain Hills, AZ residential pest control services. Our team understands how difficult it is to live with pests. We are adept at identifying and resolving pest problems, preventing critters from returning, and leaving you to enjoy the beautiful region.

Commercial Pest Control

There are plenty of things to do in the commercial parts of town. Keep your restaurant, shop, or office attractive to guests by keeping pests at bay. We offer discreet, comprehensive solutions for commercial pest control in Fountain Hills, AZ so that you can focus on providing the products or services that draw customers in.

Fountain Hills AZ Pest Control Services

At SOS Exterminating, we offer the following services to help you, your family, and your guests make the most of this sublime setting.

Bee Control

A swarm of bees on your property can make you apprehensive. Africanized bees, also known as the “killer bees”, are a type of honey bee that is a common nuisance for Arizona homeowners. If these insects create a nest on your property, they reproduce quickly and may attack people and pets that disturb the nests. Exterminating bees on your own is not recommended. It’s reassuring to know that the professionals at SOS Exterminating can eliminate bees safely and reduce the chances that they’ll return.

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Bed Bug Control

Most people don’t know that they have bed bugs until it’s too late. If you are getting bug bites out of nowhere or see a strange insect in your home, you may be experiencing a bed bug infestation. Many people don’t realize that bed bugs can hide anywhere. They can quickly become a problem in residential and commercial spaces. Trying to get rid of bed bugs using DIY methods can make the situation worse. Eliminate them quickly and completely with appropriate pest control in Fountain Hills AZ.

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Bird Exclusion

birds nesting in a gutter

The natural setting of Fountain Hills AZ makes the area enticing for birds. But these animals can damage your property and create a health hazard with their droppings. SOS Exterminating offers humane methods to keep birds away from your home and in locations where you can enjoy them.

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Gopher Control

Gophers may be cute, but they are a nightmare for property owners in Fountain Hills AZ. They excavate systems of underground tunnels that compromise the integrity of your lawn. Whether you run a golf course or want to keep your yard pristine, keep gophers away by calling SOS Exterminating.

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Mosquito Control

As a desert oasis, Fountain Hills is an attractive location for mosquitoes. Mosquito bites are itchy and increase your risk of contracting diseases such as West Nile Virus. With the right pest control in Fountain Hills AZ, you can wipe out existing mosquitoes and remove breeding areas from your property so that they don’t return. Our highly effective mosquito control services are safe for adults, children, and pets.

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Scorpion Control

Scorpions are particularly frightening because they deliver a painful, dangerous sting. They are notorious for staying under the radar, making them difficult to spot. SOS Exterminating can identify scorpion problems and keep your home or business safe from these pests.

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Spider Control

Spiders make most people shudder, and some Fountain Hills AZ species are venomous. Reduce the chances that they’ll take up space in your property by using SOS Exterminating to remove them and prevent them from returning.

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Termite Treatment

Some of the most destructive pests in the area, termites create costly damage. Unfortunately, termites don’t know the difference between a stump in your yard and the wood in your home. Using advanced techniques, SOS safeguards your property from these pests.

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Weed Control

Did you know that our Fountain Hills AZ pest control company also offers weed control? This keeps your property looking its best and prevents vegetation from proliferating and creating hiding spots for pests. Contact us for professional weed control.

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Attic Insulation

Optimizing your attic insulation can eliminate pest problems and improve your structure’s energy efficiency. Attic insulation Fountain Hills AZ services identify issues and correct them, ensuring that your home is safe and comfortable from top to bottom.

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Professional Help for Pests

Tackling pest problems yourself usually adds more stress to your life. Call in the professionals at SOS Exterminating so that you can relax while we take care of the problem. Contact us for a free quote so that we can do the work while you enjoy living in Fountain Hills AZ.