Fowler, Arizona, is a small town just outside of Phoenix. When you live in Fowler, you have access to the greatness that Phoenix and the surrounding areas offer, such as museums, mountains, restaurants, parks, and desert gardens. 

But living in Fowler also puts you in close contact with all the pests native to the state of Arizona. These pests can include spiders, scorpions, bees, birds, and more. 

For the best pest control Fowler, AZ has, you can trust SOS Exterminating. Let us show you how. 

Residential Pest Control

At SOS, we know how important your home is to you. Our Fowler, AZ residential pest control services are designed to protect and defend your home from pests. 

When you call us at SOS, we send a trained team of professionals to inspect your home. From there, we’ll create and execute a plan of attack custom to your situation for the best defense against any pests you’re up against. 

Commercial Pest Control

Any successful business owner understands the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy workspace. A welcoming and safe building does not include pests. 

If you need commercial pest control in Fowler, AZ, look no further. Our experts are equipped to partner with commercial locations from office spaces to restaurants and everything in between. 

SOS Services

Residents and business owners alike can find excellent Fowler, AZ pest control services with SOS Exterminating, including the ones below.

Bee Control

Bees are a necessary part of the world around us, given their role in pollination and honey production. But a bee problem in your home or on your property can also be dangerous. Nicknamed the “killer bee,” Africanized bees are a type of honey bee that is a common nuisance for Arizona homeowners.

At SOS, we know how to safely and properly remove bees from your property. Always contact a professional and never approach a beehive on your own.

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Bed Bug Control

Finding insects in your home is one thing, but discovering them in your bed is enough to make your skin crawl. Bed bugs are tiny but ferocious insects that feed on humans and animals. They can quickly multiply from a minor problem to a significant problem.

Our steaming and professional pesticide treatments will eliminate bed bugs from your home, bed, and property in no time.

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Bird Exclusion

birds nesting in a gutter

From unsightly nests to unhealthy droppings, birds can be quite a nuisance. If you’re having issues with birds on your property, give us a call. We can put a plan into place to keep birds at a safe distance from your home or office. 

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Gopher Control

Gophers are burrowing creatures, which means their daily activities can cause significant damage to your property. Not only can they harm your lawn, but they can even impact your home’s foundation. You can avoid a more severe problem when you call SOS. 

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Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes are known for causing itchy bites and carrying diseases that are very dangerous to humans, including the Zika virus, malaria, and West Nile virus.

Enjoy the outdoors this summer and contact SOS. We’ll track down the source of the problem and turn your backyard into an oasis again. 

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Scorpion Control

A significant part of Fowler, AZ pest control’s services is scorpion control. Did you know there are at least 30 species of scorpions in Arizona? Most stings are briefly painful and may cause some swelling, but a sting from the bark scorpion can be life-threatening. 

Contact SOS Exterminating for all of your scorpion pest control needs. 

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Spider Control

Spiders are common almost anywhere you go. In Fowler, AZ, you might run into a couple of poisonous species, such as the black widow or brown recluse. 

Control both harmless and harmful spiders alike by partnering with SOS Exterminating. We’ll handle the creepy crawlies, so you don’t have to.

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Termite Treatment

SOS Exterminating is an industry expert when it comes to termites. That’s good news for Fowler residents and business owners facing this pest problem. Arizona is home to dampwood, drywood, and subterranean termite species, which can severely damage your home. It’s best to contact us for termite control treatment as soon as you spot a problem.

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Weed Control

Weeds may not be animals, but they are a type of pest. Weeds can quickly take over and destroy lawns, garden beds, and landscaping. Our professional weed control services ensure your Fowler, AZ property has a chance to thrive beautifully. 

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Attic Insulation

If you’re looking for the best attic insulation Fowler, AZ has to offer, you’ve found it. Attic insulation is one of the many puzzle pieces of full-proof pest control, so it’s important to everyone here at SOS.

Plus, properly-installed insulation can help cut electric costs by maintaining your home’s temperature. Our ENERGY STAR-qualified T.A.P. insulation is the best choice.

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SOS to the Rescue

It’s never too late to ask for help. At SOS Exterminating, we offer free, no-obligation consultations and quotes. Contact us today for more information on Fowler, AZ pest control.

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