Homeowners and business owners in Gilbert, AZ are fortunate to be part of a thriving community that has grown significantly throughout the past three decades. With a growing population and diverse economy, Gilbert provides ample opportunities for quality lifestyles for residents and economic success for commercial businesses. However, the climate and terrain sustain wildlife species that can cause homeowners and business owners damage to their properties and a threat to the residents and customer base. 

Residential Pest Control

When Arizona residents are faced with a pest control problem, our highly trained staff is ready to address the problem using the most effective technology, tools, and up-to-date methods. We will customize a plan that works with your schedule and budget to help free your home of unwanted pests and infestations and bring comfort and safety back to your home. 

Commercial Pest Control

At SOS Exterminating, our certified team of commercial professionals focus on providing quality services to business owners and managers. Our goal is to help companies ensure that a consistently safe and clean environment is available for their customers, clients, and employees. Our commercial services include mosquito control, pest control, bird, and rodent exclusion, and pretreat termite protection.

Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs create havoc for home and business owners when they infest a property. They invade spaces looking for food sources. Their main food source is human blood. Anytime bed bugs are present, it is best to leverage the expertise of a professional pest control service to help eradicate them quickly and effectively. Our process at SOS uses both steam and pesticides to help eliminate a bed bug infestation.

Bird Exclusion

Birds frequenting homes and businesses can cause a disturbance with their squawking, leaving their droppings on vehicles, boats, and buildings, and by causing damage to crops and plants. Their droppings are damaging to surfaces due to its acidic makeup. Our approach to bird exclusion begins with an inspection of the property by our team to assess the situation who will then design a custom program to help control the problem.

Gopher Control

When gophers are left uncontrolled, they can do significant damage to yards, gardens, landscaping, even golf courses due to their network of extensive underground tunnels where they spend most of their time. The year-round pest is most active during the fall and spring when the soil is moist, which is ideal for nesting. Removal of gophers can be dangerous. Using our gopher removal services, our staff will create a plan of action to safely address the situation.

Mice Control

Mice seek out sources of food, water, and shelter. A home or business typically has all of these things, making them popular locations for mice to nest. Mice are busy pests that are constantly on the move at night foraging and exploring. Chances are they won’t be visible as they are adept at hiding during the day and coming out only at night. With our Rodent Exclusion Service, we can help rid your home or business of these busy pests after a quick inspection.

Scorpion Control

Arizona is one of the U.S. states prone to scorpion infestations in both homes and businesses. Arizona Bark scorpions are considered the most prevalent in the state. These stinging insects can enter properties via the smallest opening. They are active at night when they forage for food. Scorpions prefer dark places to hide and prefer locations with moisture. At SOS, we handle scorpion intruders by sealing your home or business using our Scorpion Exclusion Service.


Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance, but they are also a potential health hazard. Keeping yards and business properties mosquito free is possible using ATSB, a safe and new product exclusive to SOS Exterminating.

Spider Control

Even when entry points are sealed, spiders may still find a way into a home. With our specialized services, our exterminating team can help rid homes of the multi-leg crawling pests.

Termite Control

Both the subterranean termites or drywood termites can do extensive damage over time if an infestation is left unattended to. With our SOS Termite Bait Barrier System, our expert termite technicians can schedule a time to place the bait stations around the home. The stations do not require any digging, trenching, or drilling of the property or any chemicals injected into the ground.

Additional Services

SOS Exterminating also provides additional services that include attic insulation to help keep homes energy efficient, and weed control to help keep yards and landscaping looking its best.

Services When You Need Them

Whether Gilbert pest control services are needed one time or ongoing, our professional staff has the training and experience to handle the job safely and efficiently. Contact us to schedule a free estimate, so we can determine a plan of action to help get your home or business free of unwanted pests.