The community in Laveen, AZ, has long been a cherished one. Located just 8 miles outside of Phoenix, this neighborhood could be described as an urban village with a suburban appeal. 

Laveen, although a great place to settle down and call home, may attract other little critters as well. The dry, desert climate makes Laveen, Arizona, also very favorable to bugs and pests. 

If you need some assistance when it comes to controlling these intrusive guests, call SOS Exterminating Laveen, AZ pest control services.

Laveen, AZ Residential Pest Control

As you kick back to relax in your recliner at night, the last thing you want to see is an unwanted guest crawling around, hoping to join you. These pests are annoying and can also damage your home and create a stressful living environment for you and your family. 

 We do our best to keep your home safe and pest-free at SOS Exterminating. So, don’t try to fight this battle alone, we are here to help, and in Laveen, AZ, residential pest control is our expertise. 

Laveen, AZ Commercial Pest Control

Your business and workplace are no place for bugs, so commercial pest control is equally as important as ridding these little guys from your home. Restaurants, libraries, offices, and even retail locations all have a history of attracting pests like the ones you see at home. 

Get ahead of the issue, and allow us at SOS Exterminating to help take care of it. We provide commercial pest control services in the Laveen, AZ area and are always ready and willing to help. 

Pests Handled by SOS Exterminating Services

SOS Exterminating services are currently offering services relating to the following critters:

Bee Control

Although bees are essential to our ecosystem, having an infestation in your backyard or inside your home is not ideal. Bees can feel threatened when trapped within the home and become more aggressive, posing a danger to you and your family. Africanized Bees, also known as “killer bees”, can be a common concern for homeowners in Laveen, AZ. Allow SOS Exterminating services to help you manage the bees trying to camp out in your residence.

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Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are the tiniest little nuisances you will ever meet. Unfortunately, getting rid of them is difficult. Therefore, SOS Exterminating uses a combination of steaming and unique use of professional pesticides to help control bed bugs in the home. 

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Bird Exclusion

Birds are beautiful creatures to observe when they are outside in their natural habitat. Still, they can pose an issue when they become intrusive in your personal space.
Not only are birds’ droppings dirty and can contain bacteria hazardous to humans, but their nests can also be fire hazards and could cause damage to your roof. SOS Exterminating covers bird exclusion to help keep your home safe from attack.

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Gopher Control

Gophers may be small, but the damage they can cause is big. Gophers dig large holes all over your yard, which are not only unpleasant to look at but also dangerous if you fall into one while enjoying your backyard. SOS Exterminating offers gopher control to help save you the pain of potentially falling into a gopher hole while simply enjoying time outdoors. 

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Mosquito Control

It’s no secret that mosquitos can carry dangerous diseases like West Nile Virus or, in some cases, even Malaria. That is why you need to take swift action to ensure these blood-sucking pests don’t begin to overtake your home. SOS Exterminating offers mosquito control in Laveen, AZ, to protect your family from these potentially dangerous flying insects. 

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Scorpion Control

The Arizona Bark Scorpion has been invading people’s homes in Laveen, AZ, for centuries, but that doesn’t make them any less dangerous. Scorpions contain venom to humans, and if you come in contact with one, you could end up in the hospital. So let SOS Exterminating services help rid your home of scorpions now, and sleep more peacefully tonight. 

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Spider Control

Spiders are creepy to look at, but what’s even worse is the trouble they can cause if they infest your home. Our spider control in Laveen, AZ, is here to help destroy these pesky arachnids in their path. 

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Termite Treatment

Termites love to feast on the wood around your house, and too much termite-related damage to your home can cost a significant amount of money. SOS Extermination carefully places Bait Barrier Protection around your property to help keep these pesky little bugs away to protect your home. 

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Weed Control

Not only are weeds aesthetically displeasing, but they can also take essential nutrients from the healthy plants and grass around them, killing your beautiful landscape. So let SOS Exterminating service put those weeds to rest for good.

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Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is a great way to keep those pesky bugs and rodents out of your home, but it also helps keep those electric bills under control. Let the experts at SOS Extermination help you with attic insulation in Laveen, AZ. 

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Let Us Help You with Pest Control in Laveen, AZ

Pest control can be tricky business. Don’t let pests take over your home or business. Our expert team can help you with pest control in Laveen, AZ. Contact SOS Extermination today!