As a base with the mission of training the world’s greatest fighter pilots and airmen, Arizonans are proud to host the brave men and women of Luke Air Force Base. 

We here at SOS Pest Service control are proud too and know that as a member of the USAF, you have enough worries and stresses on the job. So, we are honored to offer our services to our servicemen and women and help solve one of their concerns: bugs, spiders, and other pests trying to claim and share their living space. 

Our skilled, trusted team of entomologists has helped make spaces across Arizona more livable since 1937 by ridding customers of pests, such as scorpions, spiders, rats, mosquitoes, and many other undesirable intruders. 

Residential Pest Control

If you live in one of the hundreds of homes on the base, your home and living space should be yours and a place you can return to for comfort. We will not only eliminate uninvited creatures from your home but be assured that we plan to ensure your living space gets to stay yours too. 

Our team will look at your property and home and design a plan of attack to keep these small invaders out for good. We will not only exterminate the current problem, but we can insulate attics and provide exclusion services to close openings and prevent pest entry in the future. 

Commercial/Business Pest Control

Something as inconsequential as bugs or rats should not be allowed to pose any danger to the work of the USAF. You can trust our team to achieve appropriate pest control at Luke Air Force Base, AZ

Luckily, SOS’s specialty does not stop at homes. Several businesses in Arizona depend on us to improve their productivity and employee satisfaction by keeping their offices pest-free. We offer several solutions tailored to whichever pest your office, department, or workspace happens to face. 

Be it scorpions, termites, mosquitoes, or rodents, we will provide exclusion services to assure the safety of your crucial work in the future. 

SOS Services

SOS can assist USAF servicemen and women living and working on Luke Air Force Base, AZ, with controlling the following pests.

Bee Control

While Arizona’s biodiversity of bee species reflects a healthy climate, their environment should not be your living area. Bee infestations pose a serious potential danger, and to remove that danger safely, contact SOS’s Bee Control service. 
Our Luke Air Force Base, AZ, residential pest control covers Africanized bees.

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Bed Bug Control

Bed Bugs are experts at hiding and reproducing until they take over your property. Our professional steaming and pesticide methods will not leave a single bed bug left to pester you. Call us today to protect your home and family from bed bugs.

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Bird Exclusion

While birds also serve the natural environment, they are less helpful in human buildings. Bird droppings and nests both pose hazards to health and property. Our humane Bird Exclusion services can make your property unattractive to avian life so birds can fly past your roof and land somewhere off the base. 

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Gopher Control

Gophers can damage underground infrastructure and destroy gardens and lawns. Our Gopher Control service keeps gophers away from your lawns, giving you peace of mind and saving you money by preventing them from digging holes and damaging your property. 

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Mosquito Control

With a changing global climate, mosquitoes pose more of an epidemiological risk every year. Mosquitoes are not only a nuisance but can also be dangerous. Protect those on your property from potential bites and disease with mosquito control from SOS Exterminating.  

We will search every inch of your property and eliminate their breeding grounds to spare you any undue anxiety when you hear buzzing around your house, barracks, or office. 

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Scorpion Control

SOS can help protect you and your property from encounters with Arizona’s venomous scorpion species, such as Bark Scorpions. Seeing as these animals can be dangerous if provoked, seek our Luke Air Force Base, AZ, residential pest control for help.

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Spider Control

Spiders, especially Arizona’s brown recluse and black widow, can still make you worried and be disruptive. If you find them around your home or business, call the experts at SOS Exterminating to remove them. Our Spider Control service can make your property on the base a fortress against these arachnids. 

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Termite Treatment

Using Bait Barrier Protection, our unintrusive Termite control service will stop Termites from forming any colonies on your property while letting you enjoy your home or office space without worrying about wall and foundation damage. 

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Weed Control

Everyone knows how undesirable weeds are. They can take over a perfectly good lawn and destroy it. Like our other services, we will beautify your lawn or yard by removing them and pre-empting their future growth to keep the plant life on your property clean and neat. 

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Attic Insulation

Bugs and pests tend to creep in through the cracks of attics. We are here to stop them by sealing and filling those cracks, effectively walling off these small invaders for good. Our attic insulation service in Luke Air Force Base, AZ, helps you locate easily missed entry points.

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Call SOS Exterminating Today

SOS’s exterminators are trained to serve you and make your life easier by fighting against pests and ensuring they cannot pose a problem to your life or property once we have eliminated them. Call today for a free quote on our Luke Air Force Base, AZ, pest control, and trust us to help remove bugs while you control the rest.

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