The New River community of northern Maricopa County, Arizona, is a beautiful place to live and work. Pests native to the desert such as termites, scorpions, and spiders aren’t welcome, though. 

SOS Exterminating, your Healthy Home specialists in the Phoenix metro area, provides the pest control New River, AZ, homeowners and business owners need. Since 1937, we at SOS Exterminating have been the New River, AZ pest control Arizonans trust for residential and commercial service. 

Residential Pest Control 

New River, AZ, residential pest control services provided by SOS Exterminating begin with a consultation. An SOS Exterminating technician will come to your home or business, listen to your concerns, inspect your property, and suggest a treatment plan to help solve your pest problems. 

Commercial Pest Control 

SOS Exterminating is a trusted provider of commercial pest control in New River, AZ. The business owners of the New River community trust SOS Exterminating just like its homeowners do. SOS commercial pest control experts meet with property owners, business owners, and managers to determine pest control needs.

Bee Control

Africanized bees, nicknamed “killer bees,” are a growing problem for Arizona residents. Migrating from Texas, these bees often swarm to create a new hive. Unfortunately, these bees like to establish hives in garages and sheds, crawl spaces, trees, grills, fences, and trees. 

Removing a hive on your property on your own can be dangerous, as killer bees will attack if their hive is threatened. This can be a danger for those with sensitivities to insect stings. Call SOS Exterminating to help with bee control in New River, AZ.

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Bed Bug Control

Tiny bed bugs can be a big problem for Arizona homeowners. Signs of bed bug infestations include bite marks, small brownish-orange spots or blood spots on bedding, and seeing eggs or full-grown insects.  

Getting rid of these pests on your own will likely scatter them instead of eliminating them. SOS Exterminating can help rid your home of bed bugs with a combination of professional steaming and pesticides.

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Bird Exclusion

Nuisance birds in Arizona cause millions of dollars of damage to property, merchandise, crops, and vehicles. Not only that, but their droppings are unsanitary and can spread disease. 

SOS Exterminating offers bird exclusion services that will keep nuisance birds from nesting at your home or business.

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Gopher Control

Gophers can cause damage to lawns, golf courses, and irrigation systems. SOS Exterminating can help get rid of your gopher problems and prevent new infestations from starting. 

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Mosquito Control

New River residents love to enjoy Arizona’s sunshine and balmy evenings outdoors, but mosquitoes can ruin time outside at home or in an outdoor restaurant or bar. Plaguing Arizona from April to October, mosquitoes are no match for SOS Exterminating.  

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Scorpion Control

Scorpion walking on a sidewalk | SOS Exterminating serving Gilbert, Arizona

Arizona bark scorpions native to Arizona have venomous stingers that can send their victims to the hospital. These scary pests will try to enter your home or business through cracks and crevices. SOS Exterminating’s scorpion exclusion service will keep these Arizona pests out of your property.  

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Spider Control

Spiders native to Arizona and the New River, AZ, area are the poisonous black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders, as well as wolf spiders, and southern house spiders. Keep them out of your home or business with a plan from SOS Exterminating.  

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Termite Treatment

In New River, AZ, subterranean termites, and drywood termites cause millions of dollars in property damage every year. Termites can cause severe damage to structural timbers of buildings, making them unsafe. The SOS Termite Bait Barrier System will help keep termites at bay with bait stations that are barely noticeable. 

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Weed Control

Arizonans enjoy beautiful landscapes, but whether you have a rock garden or a lush lawn, weeds aren’t welcome. Getting rid of weeds on your own is difficult and time-consuming. SOS can apply pre and post-emergent herbicides to control a broad spectrum of weeds at homes, businesses, and construction sites. 

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Attic Insulation

There are many ways to keep pests from entering your home. SOS Exterminating has many solutions, including attic insulation services. Attic insulation not only helps keep unwanted pests out, but it will also make your home more energy efficient against the Arizona heat.

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Contact Us For Professional Pest Control

Arizona’s pests shouldn’t invade your New River, AZ, home, or business. To keep spiders, scorpions, termites, and other pests away, contact SOS Exterminating. Their team of technicians and entomologists will assess your home or business for risks and signs of infestation and work with you to develop a plan for treatment and prevention. 

A free, no-obligation consultation with SOS Exterminating can be the end of your pest problems in New River, AZ.