Paradise Valley is a gorgeous Arizona town that’s appropriately named. This town is known as the wealthiest municipality in the state of Arizona, boasting luxurious golf courses, high-end restaurants, and tons of shopping. It’s also home to some incredible natural beauty, including desert botanical gardens, impressive mountain views, and fields of captivating vegetation.

And while nature is gorgeous in Paradise Valley, it comes with its own set of problems for residents: pests. If you need some Paradise Valley, AZ pest control, you’re in the right place. SOS Exterminating is the best in the business.

Residential Pest Control

Arizona residents get to enjoy a lot of the surrounding area, but that doesn’t mean you want to share your home with the natives. Pests like rodents and insects can disrupt your lifestyle and even threaten your home and family.

At SOS Exterminating, we offer Paradise Valley, AZ residential pest control services. Our team of highly trained professionals knows the ins and outs of pests and their habits in residential spaces.

When you call us, we’ll start with a thorough home inspection so that we can customize our approach to suit your needs and protect your property.

Commercial Pest Control

Restaurants, offices, and warehouses alike are all susceptible to pest invasions. For commercial pest control in Paradise Valley, trust SOS Exterminating.

It’s our goal to keep your workspaces clean, healthy, safe, and up to code. We understand the importance of maintaining a clean workspace for staff, customers, and business associates.

SOS Services

At SOS Exterminating, we’re proud to deliver the best pest control Paradise Valley, AZ has to offer. Residents and business owners alike can find impactful solutions across these areas:

Bee Control

Bees can attack with painful stings, but they’re also a crucial component of the ecosystem around us. Africanized Bees, known as “killer bees”, are honey bees that can become a nuisance for Arizona residents. That’s why it’s important to invest in professional pest control when you have a bee problem.

Our experts know how to remove bees without harming them or anyone else. Always reach out to a professional for bee control.

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Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs can quickly turn into a significant problem if left alone. Not only do they feed on humans and pets, but they multiply and spread throughout your home.

If you see even one bed bug in your home, call SOS Exterminating. Our tactics include steam and high-grade pesticides that eliminate the infestation.

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Bird Exclusion

Birds are best enjoyed from a distance. When they get too close and comfortable to your home, you can end up with nests, roof damage, droppings, and more.

SOS Exterminating will create safe boundaries that keep birds at a distance, protecting your home, family, and the birds.

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Gophers are cute from afar, and that’s exactly where you want to keep them. Gophers create intricate tunnel systems that can disrupt plants, ruin lawns, and even disturb building foundations.

By contacting SOS, you can help avoid expensive repairs and keep gophers at a safe distance.

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Mosquito Control

Nothing disrupts a home or business quite like mosquitoes. Not only are they pesky and annoying, but their bites are itchy, painful, and even harmful, spreading dangerous diseases such as the West Nile virus.

At SOS, our Paradise Valley, AZ pest control services include locating and eliminating mosquitoes from your property.

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Scorpion Control

There are about 30 different species of scorpions in Arizona, including the deadly bark scorpion. While most are not seriously toxic, they can still sting, pinch, and cause general discomfort. SOS handles scorpions by removing them and sealing your home to prevent future problems.

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Spider Control

There’s no shortage of spiders in Arizona. You might need a good Paradise Valley, AZ pest control service if you continuously find spiders in your home.

Many species of spiders, such as the Black Widow, are poisonous to humans, so it’s essential to contact SOS quickly.

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Termite Treatment

The last thing you want in your Paradise Valley home is termites. Termites are infamous for causing endless damage to homes across the country. If you spot signs of termites, call us immediately to get our Bait Barrier protection.

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Weed Control

We control more than pests at SOS. Call us and ask about our professional weed control services. We have the know-how to get your lawn in shape for the season and keep your property looking its best.

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Attic Insulation

Attic insulation in Paradise Valley, AZ plays an important role in your home. It can help keep pests out and air conditioning in. SOS Exterminating offers ENERGY STAR-qualified attic insulation to help minimize pests and lower your bills.

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The Best in Pest Control

Pest control doesn’t have to be a hassle, and it’s certainly not something you should face on your own. Contact SOS Exterminating today for your free quote and consultation – no strings attached. Our Paradise Valley customers have trusted us for decades.

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