In Phoenix, AZ, pest control is something all home and business owners want to have as part of their checklist for maintaining their property. Pest infestations that aren’t easily detected cause damage that can be costly in time and money and be detrimental to the health of those living and working in infested environments. With services from SOS Exterminating, our team of professionals can help your home or business sustain a positive environment.

Residential Pest Control

From bees to termites, and many others, our expert team can devise a solution and treatment plan to rid your home of unwanted pests. You may only need a technician to inspect and treat your home one time, or you may want to have a continuous maintenance program to ensure your home remains pest free. Whichever you choose, we have the products, treatment plans, equipment, and technology to customize a program to fit your needs.

Commercial Pest Control

Our SOS pest control services for businesses receive the same attention to detail as our residential customers when it comes to inspecting the property, determining a solution, and providing effective treatments. With support from our certified Commercial Sales Professionals, business owners can discuss and create plans for pest control that will keep their business environment safe and healthy for employees, clients, and customers while promoting a positive image.

Green Pro Services

Pest control companies use a variety of techniques, equipment, and products to eliminate and control pest problems. Our Green Pro Services provides an environmentally friendly solution using eco-friendly products. Call us with any questions or for more information.

Common Arizona Pests

Ant Control

Of the six most common species of Ants in Arizona, the carpenter ant is the most destructive. With our free inspection, we’ll identify the type of ant infestation and take appropriate steps to rid your property from potentially damaging pests.

Bed Bug Control

When bed bugs infest a home or business, it creates an uncomfortable environment as these tiny bugs feed on blood resulting in red spots and itchy bites. At SOS Exterminating we offer bed bug exterminating services that combine steam with top-of-the-line products.

Cockroach Control

If your home or business has a Cockroach infestation, it will be difficult to eliminate on your own. With help from our team, we will do a thorough inspection, identify where the bugs are entering your property, then use our specialized methods to treat the affected areas.

Flea & Tick Control

Not only do fleas and ticks create an itchy environment for humans and animals, both can transmit diseases such as Lyme disease, typhus, and tapeworms. Eliminating an flea or tick infestation with over-the-counter products can be costly and not effective. Relying on flea and tick control professionals like SOS Exterminating is important, so reach out today!

Gopher/Ground Squirrel Control

Gophers and ground squirrels are common inhabitants of Phoenix. Both create a labyrinth of tunnels underground with visible mounds of dirt outside the tunnels. Both can do damage to a yard, garden, or landscaping. When dealing with wildlife, it’s best to let our trained staff safely remove the pests.

Squirrel Control

Squirrels are active throughout the year and often make their way into attic areas to build nests and stay warm during the winter. They like to gnaw wiring, which poses a fire hazard to homes and businesses.

Bee & Wasp Control

Bee and wasp control is not something you should try on your own. Instead, call the trusted stinging insect control professionals at SOS Exterminating, and we will dispatch an experienced technician to inspect the hive area and determine the best approach in treatment plans to remove the bees.

Rodent & Bird Exclusion

Rodents are known carriers of disease, and they can also create fire hazards by chewing electrical wires. Birds can also do damage to vehicles, ventilation systems, machinery, and buildings due to the acid in their droppings that eat away at a variety of materials.

Our highly trained staff can inspect and assess the situation promptly and recommend the best treatment plan to remove and alleviate the problem using our Integrated Pest Management approach.

Termite Control

For termite control, we offer foam treatments, repellents, and non-repellents. We also offer Bait Barrier protection, which is an advanced treatment system. All SOS products are of the highest quality, have minimal odor, and are in compliance with state regulations.

Additional Services

Attic Insulation

Let us help your home be more energy efficient with the installation of T.A.P. attic insulation. Adequate insulation makes a home more energy efficient, which can lead to lower energy bills, helps filter inside and outside noise, and helps avoid costly maintenance bills for overworked HVAC systems.

Weed Control

Whether for residential or commercial weed control, SOS has the solution with a treatment plan that includes applications of herbicides to eliminate pre-emergent and post-emergent weeds for assorted situations. 

Reliable Pest Control When It’s Needed

SOS Exterminating is ready to answer your call for help with fully guaranteed services for Phoenix, AZ pest control. Our services eliminate pests using techniques by our experienced and well-trained technicians plus state-of-the-art equipment. Call us to schedule your free no-obligation estimate.