Prescott, Arizona, is a beautiful little desert town. Rich in history, and with plenty to do, residents love this gem of a community nestled in the middle of Prescott National Forest. However, what they don’t love is pests invading their homes or businesses.

SOS Exterminating has served this Arizona community for many years and knows how to help with any local pest. Check out our pest library to learn more, and continue reading to discover why we are the best at pest control in Prescott, AZ.

Residential Pest Control

You worked hard for your home and yard; you certainly don’t want to share them with unwelcome pests. SOS Exterminating is the expert for residential pest control in Prescott, offering comprehensive packages to rid your home of any unwanted creepy-crawly visitors.

Commercial Pest Control

There are lots of things you have to worry about as a business owner. The last thing you want is pests on your property. Providing our commercial customers with a healthy and sanitary workplace for themselves and their employees and a safe place for their customers is a top priority for SOS Exterminating.

We are the leader in commercial pest control in Prescott, offering the best solutions for businesses to deal with unwelcome guests such as insects, rodents, scorpions, and others. 

Bee Control

Africanized bees have long been a big issue when it comes to common pests in Prescott, AZ. Although they can be positive for the environment, their growing colonies can cause panic and anxiety among those who are allergic. If you notice you have a population of these killer bees on your property, call SOS Exterminating right away for bee control to make sure they keep cannot have an impacting sting on you or your family. 

Bed Bug Control

A bed bug infestation is any homeowner’s worst nightmare. Not only are they very difficult to get rid of, but they also ruin any good night’s sleep you had planned. Allow SOS Exterminating to help rid your home of these blood-sucking pests with our professional bed bug control which includes steaming and pesticides. Never attempt to treat your house for these critters on your own. It is always best to have the issue addressed by a professional.

Bird Exclusion

Most of us love seeing birds, but they can sometimes be a nuisance. Birds can cause damage to buildings and lawns and their droppings can also be harmful to people. For example, histoplasmosis is a fungal disease that can affect the lungs. The fungus that causes the common infection lives in the soil, especially where there’s a significant amount of droppings. Our bird control technicians are glad to offer services to help mitigate any issues you might have with birds on your property in Prescott.

Gopher Control

Although many might consider them cute, gophers can be a big pain. They can cause a lot of damage to your lawn, landscaping and property. Contact SOS Exterminating right away for professional gopher control help if you notice a problem with these pests. 

Mosquito Control

Anyone who lives in a warm climate knows how annoying mosquitoes can be, and residents of Arizona are no exception. With their itchy, swelling bites, these irritating insects know how to make a nuisance of themselves. SOS Exterminating can help keep your property from becoming a beacon for these pests with our mosquito control in Prescott. We will provide a treatment plan designed specifically for your property to make sure the issue is stopped in any breeding locations as well as common grounds all around your home. 

Scorpion Control

Scorpions are a scourge on the Southwest region of the United States. They are more likely to seek refuge in your home or business during certain parts of the year, and can inflict a painful venomous sting. Protect yourself and your family or customers by contacting the professionals at SOS Exterminating for scorpion control when you discover the first sign of these insects on your property.

Spider Control

Arizona is a hotbed for America’s most feared pest: the spider. Black widows, brown recluses, and wolf spiders are common in the Prescott area. Contact our spider control exterminators right away for assistance in dealing with these critters.

Termite Control

Termites are a terrible pest to have on your property. They can cause considerable damage to your home or business and plenty of unwanted stress to your family. SOS Exterminating offers termite control in Prescott which includes our bait barrier system to make sure all termites receive the bait. Don’t hesitate to contact a professional to deal with these costly pests because the sooner you tackle this issue, the better. 

Weed Control

Nothing spoils a beautifully landscaped yard quite like weeds. Whether at your home or your business, you don’t have to settle for putting up with weeds. Call SOS Exterminating and we will deliver our professional weed control services right away to get your yard back in shape.

Attic Insulation

Attic insulation is essential for any home or business in Prescott. Not only does it help make your property more energy-efficient, saving you money on heating and cooling bills, but it is also vital for keeping pests out. At SOS Exterminating, our attic insulation is made of recycled materials and helps keep many of Arizona’s most common pests at bay.

Trust the Experts, Trust SOS Exterminating 

Whether your concerns are regarding common household bugs, rodents, birds, or high energy bills, SOS Exterminating has your back.
Contact our professionals today or take a look at the services we offer. We have served the Prescott, Arizona, community for many decades, and we’d love to help you, too.