Queen Creek is the home of the American Heritage Festival, the Queen Creek Olive Mill, and the Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Center. All of these attractions have received regional or national accolades, which helps the community stand out from its larger neighbors such as Phoenix. Of course, being in a desirable location doesn’t matter if your home or office is inundated by pests. Fortunately, the folks at SOS Exterminating can make it easy to keep your property in good condition throughout the year.

Residential Pest Control

By the time you see ants, flies, or rodents in your home, it may be too late to prevent an infestation. However, teaming with a Queen Creek AZ residential pest control company may help you eradicate it in a timely manner. Even if you can deal with a mouse in your kitchen or a few ants in the living room, they can cause serious damage if not removed from your property. Furthermore, they can spread illnesses or drastically reduce your home’s indoor air quality.

Commercial Pest Control

A commercial pest control provider in Queen Creek AZ can use a variety of tools to keep invaders out without harming your employees or customers. Taking care of a pest issue in a timely manner can minimize the risk of food contamination as well as the risk of damage to physical goods. It’s also worth noting that customers may have second thoughts about entering your office, factory, or warehouse if they know it’s populated by roaches, mice, or other critters.

Bee Control

Most bees like Africanized bees, can be beneficial to the environment but be a nuisance to property owners. Bees can typically be removed from trees, cars, or interior surfaces in a safe manner without killing them as they generally aren’t aggressive toward humans. Wasps, hornets, and other stinging insects that live near your home should only be removed by professionals as they can sting multiple times after being provoked.

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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can leave disgusting marks on your bed and cause you to itch uncontrollably. An infestation can be difficult to remove without professional pest control services. Fortunately, our Queen Creek AZ pest control company can eradicate them with as little as one treatment.

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Bird Exclusion

Birds typically make a lot of noise and reproduce quickly after turning your residence into their own. Their droppings are acidic and can make it dangerous to breathe the air in your home. A pest control service can use traps, spikes, and other tools to remove pest birds and keep them away from your home.

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Gopher Control

Gophers are great at digging holes in your yard and eating whatever happens to be in your garden. They can destroy your lawn and landscaping causing damage to your property. Getting rid of these creatures can help to minimize the amount of time and money spent on outdoor maintenance projects.

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Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes love to breed in dark and moist environments. An exterminator will work to eliminate standing water, kill any eggs laid in standing water and kill any mosquitoes that are already terrorizing yourself, your children, or your pets. Call SOS Extermination for professional mosquito control and protect your home or business.

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Scorpion Control

Scorpion venom can severely injure a human or animal. Therefore, it’s important to remove hiding places, food sources, or other incentives for such a creature to enter your home. In some cases, it may be possible to merely capture and remove this type of pest as opposed to killing it. Contact the experts at SOS Exterminating to help rid your property of scorpions.

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Spider Control

Although spiders can help keep other pests at bay, they can be annoying and dangerous in large numbers. Venomous black widow and brown recluse spiders are common in Queen Creek, AZ. Professional exterminators can remove these pests from your home or building in a relatively short period of time.

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Termite Treatment

Termites should be eradicated at the first sign of an infestation. These pests can cause costly damage to your home or business and can be difficult to eradicate. This may involve spraying your property as well as removing dead wood or standing water anywhere near it. Call the experts at SOS Exterminating for Termite Treatment Services.

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Weed Control

In addition to being a blight on your yard, weeds can easily grow and spread across your property overtaking your landscaping. If they aren’t eradicated they can cause significant property damage and outcompete other grasses or plants on your property. Weed control is essential to keep your property looking its best.

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Attic Insulation

Hiring an attic insulation Queen Creek AZ service provider can help to keep most types of pests out of your house. This is because new insulation will eliminate gaps that they can penetrate for easy access to your property. Furthermore, new insulation is designed to be harder for insects, rodents, or other animals to eat through.


Call For Pest Control Services In Queen Creek AZ

If you are in need of pest control in Queen Creek AZ, contact the folks at SOS Exterminating today. Our team has access to a wide range of tools that can be used to tailor a pest control plan that meets your needs and budget.