Robson Communities are a group of Arizona resort and 55+ retirement planned communities in Eloy, Goodyear, Green Valley, Oracle and Sun Lakes. They’re known for their luxurious, move-in ready residences, classes, clubs and social centers, golf courses, fitness facilities and walking trails.

Although tens of thousands of Arizona residents call a Robson Communities’ location their home, they’re not alone. The region is also home to a wide range of pests that can cause expensive damage property and physical harm. Some of these pests have an extremely negative impact on retirees with poor immune systems, pets and visiting small children. For these reasons, pest control in Robson Communities AZ is critical to happiness and good health.

Residential Pest Control

Robson Communities AZ residential pest control can keep your home or business and everyone who enjoys it safe. Since 1937, SOS Exterminating has helped people throughout Arizona prevent pests from taking over their lives. Our professional team includes trained entomologists who regularly update everything they’ve already learned about this region’s pests, including extermination and prevention solutions. We don’t merely inspect your property and exterminate pests. We personalize a long-term solution plan to fit your needs. We also provide preventative bird exclusion and attic insulation Robson Communities AZ services.

Commercial Pest Control

Keeping a work site healthy through commercial pest control in Robson Communities AZ is more than a state commercial property requirement. A clean, safe environment is critical to a company’s brand reputation and success and to maintaining positive customer experiences. Employees are also happier and more motivated when they know that their workplace isn’t inhabited by insects that they might transfer unintentionally to their homes and have difficulty exterminating before damage is done, as seen with bed bugs and termites. Our team, which includes veteran exterminators with more than 15 years of experience, know how to provide you with lasting commercial pest control solutions.

SOS Services

At SOS Exterminating, we provide home and business owners at Robson Communities with pest control and other solutions in the following areas:

Bee Control

Although bees are crucial to the well-being of our state’s beautiful environments, the most common bee pest in Arizona is the invasive Africanized honey bee that quickly builds colony hives inside of building walls and crawl spaces and sometimes even outdoor grills. They’re extremely dangerous if they feel threatened by you, a loved one, or a pet and pursue perceived threats for more than 100 feet in large numbers. Our team knows how to safely remove these and other bees and their hives and discourage new colonies from future nesting.

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Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs usually enter a structure on clothes, luggage, and new and used furniture. These tiny pests do more than breed out of control in a nuisance fashion. They also feed on blood from humans and pets. They don’t carry diseases, but their bites can cause itchy, unsightly welts and blood spots on linens. Some people experience allergic reactions and slow healing. Property owners often discover to their horror that they can’t remove bed bugs on their own. Our SOS Exterminating team is specially trained to get rid of this menace carefully and methodically with pesticide and steam solutions.

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Bird Exclusion

Arizona has some of the most beautiful birds in the country. Yet, birds can carry deadly diseases and leave behind dangerous microorganisms in their droppings and nests. When nesting, they can damage a roof or wall and allow in the elements resulting in weather-related damage. With sweltering heat and projected year-to-year higher temperatures, bird nests are also dry tinder that can catch fire and cause severe property damage for you and your neighbors. We keep birds at birdwatching distance with laser and liquid repellants and netting solutions.

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Gopher Control

Arizona gophers are attracted to vegetation and water. Although they love well-maintained golf courses, they also take over residential and business landscapes. They destroy aboveground plants. They use long claws and sharp teeth to tunnel and bite through anything that’s in their way underground as well, which can cause aboveground instability, falls and injuries. They often burrow for up to 200 yards through lawns, foundations, irrigation systems and even utility conduits and wires. To prevent damage, we use a personalized plan designed around your unique gopher intrusion.

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Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes in the region are usually considered a seasonal irritation. Yet, they can spread debilitating and deadly diseases. They often infect people and pets with viruses, including Dengue, Chikungunya, West Nile, and Zika. Mosquitoes inhabit any area where they can find stagnant water that’s perfect for breeding. Our SOS Exterminating technicians locate and eliminate breeding sites and adult mosquito populations. We then apply a pest repellant to the landscape that acts as an invisible, protective barrier around the property.

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Scorpion Control

Arizona is home to between 40 and 60 scorpion species. Although they’re a problem year-round, they primarily enter structures during cooler months seeking insects, moisture, and warmth and gather in large groups to hibernate. Their venom from a single sting can cause severe pain, serious illness, or death. An interior scorpion presence typically occurs because a property owner fails to properly seal cracks and crevices in structural materials, air and dryer vents, and torn door and window screens. Our team helps remove the threat already on your property and then shows you a variety of scorpion control and prevention methods.

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Spider Control

Dozens of common and unique Arizona spider species never harm humans or pets and help maintain ecological balance. That said, some people become nauseated and ill after any type of spider bite. This region is also the home of an abundance of Black Widow and Brown Recluse spiders that carry dangerous venoms. Black Widow venom adversely impacts the central nervous system. Brown Recluse venom can cause tissue necrosis and systemic damage. Like scorpions, spiders often enter properties seeking food and moisture. We find and remove spiders and seal your home or business.

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Termite Treatment

Termites exist everywhere. In nature, they help speed up plant deterioration and rejuvenate soils with nutrient-rich materials by eating and burrowing through plants. In Robson Communities, termites can cost you millions of dollars out of pocket to cover furniture and structural damage and remediation. Our SOS Exterminating team provides both pre-construction and maintenance services, including the installation of a bait barrier system that eradicates colonies and keeps new ones away from your property so that you never have to deal with worst-case scenarios.

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Weed Control

Weed control is necessary because pests love weeds. They often use weeds as hiding spaces, bridges, and walkways throughout a property. Weeds also damage lawns and landscapes by stealing critical light, moisture, and nutrients from desired plants. They diminish a landscape’s appearance, especially when they pop up in residential or golf course lawns or in flower and stone gardens. Additionally, many people are allergic to common weeds. Why allow DIY weed control to steal precious moments of your life? We offer pre-construction and maintenance solutions to keep weeds away.

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Attic Insulation

A lot of property owners don’t realize that many pest control experts offer attic insulation services. We know that pests love dark attics, gaps in insulation that allow them easy access to a building, and poor energy efficiency that makes an attic warm and moist enough to provide the perfect breeding or nesting space. We seal the cracks and provide Thermal, Acoustical, Pest Control (T.A.P) insulation installation services. T.A.P. insulation offers energy efficiency, reduces outdoor noise intrusion, and blocks 11 common pests.

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Pest Control and Termite Treatment in Robson Communities AZ

Do-it-yourself pest control solutions never last and cause home and business owners to lose a lot of time and money. DIY solutions can also cause the same level of disruption, damage, and injury over time as the pests you’re attempting to control.

Our SOS Exterminating team offers premium, professional Robson Communities AZ pest control services. Take advantage of our extensive knowledge and experience to help you quickly resolve residential or commercial pest situations and permanently prevent new infestations. Call for a free consultation and quote today.

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