Scottsdale is a wonderful place to call home. From the spas and resorts to the rich history of downtown, there’s truly something for everyone in this Arizona city. However, people aren’t the only ones who make a home in Scottsdale. There are a variety of creepy, crawly creatures that reside here as well and if you’d prefer not to share your home with them, you may need help with Scottsdale, AZ, pest control. SOS Exterminating has been serving the community since 1937 and has encountered nearly every pest native to the state and even some that aren’t! Learn more about our wide range of pest control services.

Residential Pest Control

The last thing you want to share your beautiful home with is a pest. SOS Exterminating offers comprehensive residential pest control for Scottsdale and the surrounding area and has been helping residents deal with infestations since 1937. Our full-time entomologists understand how pests operate and what it takes to fight them. We thoroughly inspect your home and property for signs of pests, then craft a personalized plan to prevent and/or treat them. We also offer exclusion services and insulation services to provide another layer of pest protection.

Commercial Pest Control

Owning a business can be stressful, but worrying about pests on your property doesn’t have to be a part of that headache. We treat our commercial clients as partners. We know that you want a clean, safe, healthy workplace for both your customers and employees and we work with you to achieve that. SOS Exterminating is a market leader in commercial pest control in Scottsdale, AZ. We offer common pest control solutions for rodents, mosquitoes, and more.

Bee Control

The Africanized bee, known as the “killer bee,” has somewhat of a bad reputation because of the associated name. These bees have been in North America for decades and, while they can attack humans, they only do so if provoked and their stings aren’t lethal unless someone has an allergy. However, they can chase someone up to a quarter-mile to defend themselves and their colony. If you have an infestation, it’s time to call in the experts in Scottsdale, AZ, pest control.

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Bed Bug Control

One of the most feared pests are bed bugs. These tiny creatures feed on a host, such as humans, and can rapidly reproduce. Businesses and homes alike have to deal with bed bug infestations and without professional help, it’s almost impossible to handle. Bed bugs love warm places near the host to live and breed. They can be found around box springs, in hanging picture frames, and even behind electrical outlets. Since they’re tiny, you may not know you have an infestation until a human starts experiencing bites. This pest is not something to take lightly or try to eliminate alone.

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Bird Exclusion

Birds can be beautiful, but they can also damage your property. Bird exclusion at your home or business is key. Not only do their droppings contain acid that can eat away at surfaces, bird excrement can be hazardous to humans as well. Nests can cause fires, block ventilation, and even damage roofing. Calling in SOS for Scottsdale, AZ, pest control when it comes to birds can save you time and money.

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Gopher Control

While some may think they’re cute, gophers can be a big nuisance. These furry creatures burrow deep into your yard creating tunnels and homes. As a result, they can compromise the foundation of structures on your property and make a mess of your landscaping. While they don’t cause direct harm to humans, they will bite if threatened so trying to handle a gopher problem alone is not advised. Be sure to reach out to a gopher control company like SOS Exterminating to help relieve your gopher problems!

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Mosquito Control

You should be able to enjoy your outdoor space without the threat of being bitten by mosquitoes. These pesky creatures can ruin even the most perfect evening by creating an itchy red welt or, at worst, transmitting a serious disease. Stop dumping money on candles and sprays every year, and attack the problem at the source with SOS Exterminating’s mosquito control professionals. 

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Scorpion Control

While other parts of the country may not have to deal with scorpions, residents of Arizona certainly do. The most common species in the state is the Arizona bark scorpion which can deliver dangerous venom to humans. These pests like to gather in groups of up to 40 in the dark during cooler months, so your home sometimes becomes the perfect place to hide. Don’t be caught off guard by a bed of these dangerous creatures.

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Spider Control

Spiders are a common pest in Arizona homes and, unfortunately, some of the most abundant in the state can be very dangerous to humans. The venom of the brown recluse and black widow can cause incredibly uncomfortable effects when humans suffer a bite. Other common spiders in Arizona, like the wolf spider, are not as dangerous but can still bite. If you think you have a spider problem of any kind it’s time to call in the professionals for Scottsdale, AZ, pest control.

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Termite Treatment

Termites can be expensive. These pests eat wood 24/7 and can cause thousands of dollars in damages to your property. SOS Exterminating offers the newest termite control technologies, and the most up-to-date equipment in the industry. Our Bait Barrier protection places bait stations around your home to attract termites and destroy colonies. Don’t let these costly pests overrun your home or business.

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Weed Control

Keeping your landscape weed-free takes a lot of time, but not when you call in the professionals! SOS Exterminating offers weed control services for residential and commercial customers in Scottsdale and beyond. From construction site weed control treatments to pretreating before weeds even appear, we’ve got your property covered.

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Attic Insulation

Did you know that attic insulation is one of the most important parts of your home or business? Not only does good insulation cut down on your energy bill, it can also keep pests from setting up shop in your cracks and crevices. SOS Exterminating’s T.A.P. insulation can help keep your home more energy efficient, reduce noise, and control 11 of the most common pests.

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Professional Pest Control In Scottsdale AZ

Whether you’re battling bugs or a bulging energy bill, contact SOS Exterminating today. We’ve been helping residents and business owners in Scottsdale and the surrounding communities for almost a century. Contact us today for a free quote and to learn more about any of our services.

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