Sedona sits on the county line between Yavapai and Coconino counties in the gorgeous Verde Valley. While tourists often flock to the area to enjoy the beauty of the area’s famous red rocks, Sedona offers a blissful living experience for its residents as well. The community is a mecca for the arts and offers group events like the Sedona Solstice Festival and the Sedona Bluegrass Festival for residents to enjoy.

Unfortunately, however, Sedona also has a variety of native pests. These pests can impact your health, such as with bites or stings that spread disease. They can damage your property and leave you with huge repair bills. More than that, they can be a general nuisance that detracts from an otherwise great quality of life in Sedona. At SOS Exterminating, we are your complete source for residential and commercial pest control in Sedona AZ.

Residential Pest Control

The last thing that you want to worry about when you are relaxing at home is pests crawling around your space or damaging your property. Regardless of whether you have noticed unwanted house guests in your home or yard, you need a fast, effective solution. To ensure your satisfaction, we begin serving each customer with a comprehensive inspection of the property. This enables us to produce a customized treatment plan that properly addresses your concerns. Our Sedona AZ residential pest control services can target all of the pests that are common in the area. We even offer attic insulation and exclusion services to take a well-rounded approach to pest control.

Commercial Pest Control

Pests in the workplace can be more than a nuisance. Their presence may interfere with your employees’ focus and productivity. They can drive customers away. They may even damage your property, supplies and equipment. A pest infestation in a business property is a serious matter that requires an effective solution. When you contact us for commercial pest control in Sedona AZ, we will take a personalized approach to fully address your current issues. More than that, we will provide treatments that keep pests from returning. You cannot afford to have your business overrun by pests, so now is the time to contact us for Sedona AZ pest control services.

SOS Exterminating Services

The environment in Sedona provides ideal living conditions for a variety of pests. Whether you are dealing with bees, spiders or other nuisances, you can count on our exterminators to eliminate unwanted guests from your home or business property. We offer a variety of services for pest control in Sedona AZ, including:

Bee Control

Bees are problematic throughout Arizona. Africanized bees, also known as “killer bees”, are a type of honey bee that is a common nuisance for Arizona homeowners. While they play a vital role in the ecosystem, you understandably want to keep these stinging pests away from your home or workplace. Our exterminators can be trusted to remove the unwanted bees safely and to keep them from returning.

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Bed Bug Control

While you sleep, bed bugs could be roaming around your bedroom and biting your skin. These critters are unfortunately easy to get in your home and notoriously difficult to get rid of. Skip the do-it-yourself pest products that do not work, and put our Sedona AZ pest control experts to work.

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Bird Exclusion

You may love watching birds flying overhead, but you understandably want to keep them away from your property. From nests in your gutters to bird droppings on your deck and more, birds are a true nuisance. We offer bird exclusion services that motivate these pesky animals to make their next stop somewhere else.

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Gopher Control

Gopher tunnels can run throughout your yard. They can result in damage to your property’s foundation, irrigation system, and landscaping. You can prevent additional damage and related repair bills by scheduling pest control in Sedona AZ with SOS Exterminating today.

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Mosquito Control

Buzzing mosquitoes are a bother when you are trying to enjoy fresh air in your yard. These biting insects can spread diseases and may send you heading indoors quickly. We will use proven techniques and products to keep your yard free of mosquitoes.

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Scorpion Control

The Arizona bark scorpion and other species thrive in the area. They often seek shelter in homes during the cold winter months. Rather than deal with these creepy, stinging pests, simply request pest control in Sedona AZ from our qualified team of exterminators.

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Spider Control

The Black Widow, the Brown Recluse, and other species of spiders are prevalent in the Sedona area. They are known for leaving droppings, cobwebs, and even painful bites on unsuspecting victims. You can easily make your home or business spider-free through our Sedona AZ pest control services.

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Termite Treatment

Termites are tiny pests that you may not notice on your property initially, but rest assured that they can cause serious wood damage even if they are not seen. This wood damage can be expensive to repair and may cause structural issues to your home. At SOS Exterminating, we can keep termites away through our proven Bait Barrier protection service.

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Weed Control

Our services at SOS Exterminating extend beyond pest control in Sedona AZ. Weeds can also be a nuisance for home and commercial property owners. Our weed control service targets the many native species that could be problematic on your property.

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Attic Insulation

Attic insulation in Sedona AZ does more than help with energy efficiency. Insulation seals in the gaps in your attic and can prevent pests from entering. For more details about enhancing the insulation in your attic, contact our exterminating team.

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Schedule Sedona AZ Pest Control Today

You do not need to spend time and money trying to use ineffective pest control products around the house or at work. Instead, choose a proven solution that will produce the fast, long-lasting results you need. SOS Exterminating has been the go-to source for pest control in the Sedona area for the last century. To schedule your free inspection and estimate, contact our team today.