The retirement community of Sun City West, AZ, offers peace, quiet, and plenty of opportunities for staying fit and socializing. Composed of nearly 17,000 homes for the 55-and-older crowd, the community has seven golf courses, four recreation centers, its own movie theater, and much else besides. It’s located close to 30 miles from downtown Phoenix.

However, it shares with Phoenix the same hot climate and runs the same risk for pest infestation. You don’t want pests in your home or business because they can cause structural damage, harm your health, scare away potential customers, or all of the above. The moment you sense that you have some unwanted guests, get professional pest control in Sun City West AZ. At SOS Exterminating, we’ll provide just that.

Residential Pest Control

One of our specialties is Sun City West AZ residential pest control, and for good reason. We want to make sure that our elderly clients and the family members who visit them stay safe and healthy. Our pest technicians are continually trained and can take on everything from ants and cockroaches to bed bugs and termites. Trust us for a personalized treatment plan because we’ve been around since 1937 and dealt with every level of infestation.

Commercial Pest Control

You’ll receive the same personalized care if you request commercial pest control in Sun City West AZ. We can even be more discreet in our treatments because we don’t want to alarm your employees or customers. One thing you’ll love about us is how you can work with the same technician throughout the treatment process. You may need monitoring and the occasional treatment for several months or a couple years, but we keep our rates affordable.

Bee Control

This region is home to the Africanized bee, also known the killer bee. It should go without saying, then, that you don’t want to try and remove a beehive on your own. We can help keep your property safe from bees. Call us over for safe, efficient removal.

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Bed Bug Control

These pests, about the size of an apple seed, can inhabit your mattress or a warm crevice, coming out at night to suck your blood and leaving you with rows of itchy bites. You can’t rid them by throwing out the bed; you’ll likely need a combination of a heat treatment and fumigation, which our company can provide.

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Bird Exclusion

Birds can leave droppings everywhere, which will eat away at your structure and spread disease. With us, though, you can keep them away with spikes and other tried-and-true methods. Let our team help protect your property with our Bird Exclusion program.

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Gopher Control

If gophers have recently been attacking your lawn and your garden, we’ll come over to capture them or lay down repellents, among other things. In the end, we’ll help you protect your plants, the foundation of your home, and your irrigation system from further damage.

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Mosquito Control

Any place with standing water, even a bird bath, can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. These insects have long been known for the diseases they can transmit, from malaria and dengue to the Zika virus and West Nile virus. Our technicians can spray larvicides to kill both the adult mosquitoes and the larvae, breaking the cycle and making your environment a safe one once again.

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Scorpion Control

Have you heard of Arizona bark scorpions? They’re the deadliest scorpion here, and they may be hiding right now in your bathroom or another dark, moist area. Let us seal off your home and kill any scorpions that remain.

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Spider Control

Unfortunately, Arizona is home to all of the most feared spiders, including the black widow and brown recluse. We know the right way to deal with them, though, and we can easily find out if you have any more of them in your attic or other hard-to-reach areas.

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Termite Treatment

Even as we speak, the foundation of your home may be targeted by the most destructive pest in the nation: the subterranean termite. There are two effective ways to eliminate them, one involving bait stations and one involving the creation of a liquid termiticide barrier. During the initial consultation, we’ll discuss what would be good for your situation.

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Weed Control

Don’t leave weeds to grow and suck out the nutrients from your soil and ruin the curb appeal of your home. We want you to enjoy the sight of a healthy green lawn, and to that end, we can perform weed control on a recurring basis.

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Attic Insulation

We carry the attic insulation Sun City West AZ residents can depend on to help keep out pests and improve their HVAC system operations. Our insulation comes with the coveted ENERGY STAR label from the EPA.

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Sun City West, AZ Pest Control

To learn more about our Sun City West AZ pest control services here at SOS Exterminating, call today. We offer a multitude of pest control solutions to help keep your property safe from pests. We provide free service quotes!

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