Located in Maricopa County, Waddell, AZ, is home to just over 12,000 residents. Those living in this unincorporated community undoubtedly love its small-town charm while also knowing they are only about a half-hour drive from Phoenix.

As picturesque as this community is, it still has problems that are common to many parts of the country. One of these is unwanted pests. These can take the form of bugs, gophers, scorpions and an assortment of other annoyances.

Residential Pest Control

If your family is sharing your home with pests, our team at SOS Exterminating wants you to know that you don’t have to. We are the go-to solution for those seeking pest control in Waddell AZ.

Our Waddell AZ residential pest control experts begin with an expert evaluation of your property. Once we find all sources of unwanted critters, we’ll come up with a tailor-made plan to keep them under control.

Commercial Pest Control

Do you own a business in this community? If so, you’ll be happy to learn about our expert commercial pest control in Waddell AZ. You only have one chance to make a good first impression on customers, and you don’t want them to see creepy crawling things on floors or walls.

We have extensive experience in commercial pest control in Waddell AZ. Our team at SOS Exterminating can help keep your business free of bugs and other pests and do so within your budget. We will rid your office, restaurant or warehouse of bees, mosquitoes, spiders, termites, gophers, birds and more.

SOS Services

For homeowners or business owners seeking the best in Waddell AZ pest control, SOS Exterminating offers the following services.

Bee Control

Bees are a necessary part of our natural world. However, they can infest your home or business and sting family members, employees or customers. Africanized bees are a type of honey bee that is a common nuisance for Arizona homeowners. Our team at SOS Exterminating can quickly and safely remove bees from your property.

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Bed Bug Control

Anyone who has suffered through a bed bug infestation would not wish such a thing on their worst enemy. These bugs are known for feeding on people as they sleep and leaving behind itchy bumps. They hide in mattresses, box springs and other areas of your bedroom. They are also notoriously hard to get rid of. This is definitely one type of bug infestation that you need to call in the experts at SOS Exterminating to handle.

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Bird Exclusion

Birds are pretty, but they can also become a nuisance if they build nests on your home. These nests can act as kindling to make fire more likely, and the concentration of birds can result in an abundance of droppings and potential damage to your home. At SOS Exterminating, we know how to humanely keep birds at a distance from your home so that you can appreciate their beauty without suffering any inconveniences.

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Gopher Control

If you’re like many homeowners, you work hard to maintain an attractive yard. Gophers can dig holes in your yard and make a mess of any irrigation system you may have set up. They can also damage foundations if they dig too close to your home or business. Our gopher control service will end up saving you time and money in property maintenance.

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Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes have a reputation for being annoying, but their bites can also carry diseases. The mosquito control technicians at SOS Exterminating are second to none. We know how to scour your property and find every spot where they are breeding and eliminate this problem for you.

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Scorpion Control

Scorpions can be a serious health threat to you and your family. Many people are sent to the hospital every year because of scorpion bites. If you see any of these critters, contact the experts at SOS Exterminating immediately.

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Spider Control

Spider control is an integral part of our pest control in Waddell AZ. Depending on the exact species, spiders can vary from being a simple annoyance to being downright dangerous. As a Waddell AZ pest control company, we have come across black widow and brown recluse spiders. These are poisonous and should be taken very seriously.

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Termite Treatment

More than any other insect, termites have the potential to do real damage to your property. Your home is a big investment. Don’t let termites eat its wooden structure. Our Waddell AZ pest control company excels at ridding your home or business of these damaging pests.

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Weed Control

The beauty of your landscaping can be negatively impacted by weeds. You may have a nice walkway leading to your front door that is starting to be overrun by weeds. Perhaps weeds are growing around any stonework you have or among flowers and other plants. At SOS Exterminating, we know how to stop weeds before they start!

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Attic Insulation

You know it gets hot in this part of the country. It’s important that your attic be sufficiently insulated to prevent your air conditioning from escaping through the roof. For attic insulation Waddell AZ residents can depend on, you should contact SOS Exterminating.

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We’re Here for All of Your Pest Control Needs!

Our team at SOS Exterminating wants you to know that we’ve got your Waddell AZ pest control needs covered. Please give us a call or fill out the contact form so that we can schedule your appointment for a free consultation and quote. Whether you’re interested in Waddell AZ residential pest control or commercial pest control, we’ll get the job done quickly, professionally and within your budget.